Mayweather And The Paul Family Pulled A Smooth Robbery Last Night

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Mayweather/Paul Robbery

Only MVP’s from last night’s Mayweather/Paul event were the illegal streamers. The price of $49.99 with a t-shirt included just doesn’t do it for me without a knockout in the main event.

hopefully was you last night

He Survives?!

No knockout means start to scratch ya head and wonder about this blunder. See, this is what happens without Floyd Mayweather handling business and sending Logan Paul to the mat.

Even Canelo had to be transparent in reacting to this bizarre outcome.

Canelo’s instant reaction after.
Good point, but Canelo fight this dude.

Because, Canelo knows there is no fucking chance in 24 lifetimes that he’d get YouTubed like the legendary Floyd did last night. Too much legacy on the line.

By no means can ya let Logan Paul get out of those eight rounds. That is unless Mayweather had these intentions all along.

Ya see, Floyd is most certainly still great with the gloves. But, his real ever evolving and progressing talent at this point in life is making obscene amounts of dollars.

Mayo Observation

Honestly, it’s hard for me to not think this exact thing happened last night. Just a complete money grab for the most part. I’m not even saying it wasn’t tight or watchable, it surely was.

Secondly, this entire thing was well calculated and coordinated by both teams. Somewhere they found a compromise on the following:

  • Logan Paul could never beat Floyd.
  • Floyd wouldn’t try and end it before eight rounds, let Logan survive to where both sides come out benefitting from the outcome.
  • Pump up the fight for months, dress it up with Hollywood and music industry stars.
  • Let Jake Paul go full piss head as usual.

By doing that they both walk away with a zillion dollars and no real blemish on their resumes both in the ring and outside of it. This will also allow Jake Paul to move another day closer to fighting Floyd using this exact same formula. Only thing, Jake Paul is just a better fighter than Logan. He’ll have to get through Tyron Woodley first.

Ocho Cinco? Well, he got dropped.

Last night I rambled on for about 25 minutes about this entire Paul/Mayweather robbery. Sub to mayo YouTube,

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