Meet The Man Behind The Streaking Ass Cheeks During SB LV

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Meet the streaking man behind the ass cheeks during Super Bowl LV

2021 is the year we most certainly dive behind the cheeks of yet another bare ass streaking event during SB LV.

Yuri Andrade was booked on one count of criminal trespassing after attempting to GO ALL THE WAY on what many say was the best run of the game. What did it cost em? $500 dollar bond. What did he gain? Everything honestly.

  • the iconic call by Kevin Harlan.
  • free film for any flag football team looking for a game changer.
  • a trademark streaker spin logo. (needs to make)
  • maximum exposure for one crazy fuckers brand.

That crazy fucker would be Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, the famous YouTube prankster who really lives this shit.

There is levels to the game being played here. Levels that Vitaly has been playing for nearly 20 years. TMZ will hate…

after TMZ dropped a bitch ass hater article.

Vitaly Uncensored

Vitaly has taken things up a notch with his recent website, Vitaly Uncensored. I’m dead ass about to not join it. Too expensive for mayo. Here is what you’ll see:

  • Wild pranks
  • Tits galore
  • Very high ass volume
  • no rules, just endless uncensored content
  • $5 (30-day trial to Mr. Skin)
    • which seems separate from the annual cost of $60 a year to be subscribed to the site. Idk, I’m fucking out.

Fella clearly just wants to show tits and ass to the world in maximum capacity. That has to be his very top priority right now.

On twitter showing tits and shit. Just ain’t the spot champ. They gonna douche roll him in the threads every post.


not the first time he’s mass blasted “Vitaly Uncensored” via ass cheeks.

Sounds like one hell of a salesman to get concrete commitments for grand stage pranks. Which brings me to my next point, he also dated the glowing instagram star, Kinsey. Whom is probably getting her cheeks clapped by Dan Blizzy right now if we being transparent. Who knows, who really cares cause she is hot as all fuck either way.

Zdorovetskiy also climbs pyramids…

Vitaly wants you to know he climbed the pyramid.

Head over to Ben’s Burgers on Clearview and grab some bun fun. The tastiest menu in the game, make sure ya tell em Hold The Mayo.

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