Michael Rapaport Just Isn’t Having A Good Week In America

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Michael Rapaport is not having a good week.

Everybody goes through a bad week, but Michael Rapaport just conceded his week at the midway point. He is now in a full blown social media ring of fuckery that may ruin his weeks to come. First of all, Dave Portnoy and the zillion stoolies up north do not like this fucking guy.

the center point in his case. he will tell ya different.

Rapaport use to pod with Barstool and the shit didn’t end well. They’ve been going at each others throats since then. The defamation lawsuit filed by Michael Rapaport against Barstool was just dismissed by a U.S. Southern District Court Judge. Rapaport’s main case was that Barstool was using the “blatant mark” on his face to correlate to their audience that he does indeed have herpes. The judge stated that it would be far unreasonable to think that majority of the audience would think that is what the mark is indicating. LOL, I’m sorry. That is funny as all fuck to me.

Portnoy releases the deposition tape on twitter.

Dave insists that the picture on the shirt depicted Rapaport as a clown and that the shirt would haunt him the rest of his life.


He’s also holding on to a breach of contract against Barstool Sports that is still headed to trial. Basically, this dude is being a big fucking pussy about not being tight once given the opportunity at Barstool Sports. That’s all I’ve been able to get out of it. However, Michael feels confident that he will win an appeal and breach of contract. Either way, this had to be a blow for him yesterday. What does Michael do?


The story on KD & Rapaport’s beef.

So much of a blow that he decided to go through with the wise idea of releasing his DM’s (ALL OF THEM) on Kevin Durant just absolutely dropping his balls on this dudes head. Viewer discretion is advised.

KD hits the DM.

So as of now,

Michael Rapaport is trying to save everything he can manage to save with a younger audience. Currently on a podcast as we speak.

this dude is just outdated and corny imo.

I’ve never and will never probably listen to this dudes podcast, but it may be worth a listen FOR ONCE to hear his side of things. As for KD?

Lebron for sure in Silver’s DM’s.
Mayo talked about Rapaport/Durant last night on HTM 214.

One can only imagine the amount of time he has on his hands right now if he’s writing stories in some middle age entertainers dm’s for fun. Clearly this fight would never happen and for KD to miss 20+ games and get caught in Rapaport’s DM’s talking about meet me at the catch steak at 10 am.

In conclusion, nobody is really right here.

But, It’s also cool to see human like reactions because everybody gets in some fucking heated drama via dm’s. This all looks somewhat human and authentic to me. Nobody knows where this goes from here, but Michael Rapaport’s week can only get better at this point.

So can ya week if ya stop by Big Chief Vapor.

135 West Genie Street in Chalmette.


That deal above is no joke.

Real life friend shit,


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