Mike Thomas Should Be Able To Punch CGJ or Malcom Jenkins…

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What is an American? Mike Thomas.

All too many reasons on why Mike Thomas shouldn’t be suspended have uninvited themselves into my head. Quite frankly could’ve went without hearing the two gentleman’s names involved on opposite side of Thomas.

Can’t confirm this is what exactly happened, but if it did..
Malcom Jenkins is unreal.

Chauncey Gardner – Johnson and Malcom fucking Jenkins. The through and through leader of all teams and foundations he walks on, Malcom Jenkins. Hmm… ya hate to fucking hear it.


Neither one should be talking neck to the $100 million dollar man especially during this regular season. Mike is coming off some bullshit injury and these two are fucking off. It shows…

Mike Thomas Didn’t Do This…

How about some things worth suspension in gameplay? Malcom Jenkins would be the active leader for that category too.

  • CGJ has 23 total tackles and a pass deflection on year.
  • Malcom Jenkins has 27 total tackles and 3 pass deflections.
  • Both have zero interceptions. (nothing new for Malcom)
  • Also, both have been seen getting bbq’d on the field.
  • Between the two, one sack reported.

Some asshole is just tweeting his nuts off with no regards about the situation. Had to stop by his home for a second…

Malcom Jenkins

I went two full seasons and saw three total interceptions during the 2011 and 2012 seasons from Roman Harper and Malcom Jenkins. I’ll never forget that window of time. Felt like New Orleans would never get right on the big plays and turnovers.

Needs to dress that coverage up though.

Lemme get to the morale of this story:

  • Mike Thomas is a certified $100 million dollar WR.
  • He relentlessly has proven his worth since then and well before that check got cut or Malcom Jenkins and CEE DEE DEUCE showed up to push some fucking buttons.
  • Malcom Jenkins was getting straight panty hosed by a 37 year old journey tight end in Mercedes Lewis. Fella looked like he had the Charles Barkley Space Jam Syndrome.
  • Since when does a WR punching a young whippa snappa CB imply that he gets taken off the card on Monday night?

So, Why Mike Thomas?

This is all a little bizarre to me. You’d want your star wideout to yap back at the secondary in practice. But, are we indicating that MT will throw hands at the dude who gets his order wrong at McDonalds?

Is it like that?

Or was it just something that Mike Thomas was tired of fucking hearing and then A VETERAN SAFETY ON HIS SECOND STINT with the team decided to push the magic button?

Who knows, but what I do know is that Malcom Jenkins and Chauncey Gardner – Johnson were reaching. Plain and simple. This is the fucking guy on the squad. Jenkins you can’t let that punch get thrown, but that’s none of my business.

It’s all the guy you gave $61 million guaranteed’s fault.

Michael Thomas is in my starting lineup tomorrow and I don’t give a rat’s ass if he put CGJ in a retirement facility.

This is THE GUY.

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