Mike Tyson Says He’s Ready To Fight Evander Holyfield In May

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Mike Tyson Says He's Ready To Fight Evander Holyfield

This is the type of headlining we needed on a rainy Thursday in New Orleans as Mike Tyson says that the Evander Holyfield fight is a full go, book it up May 29th.

God’s man says it himself.

Barring some negotiations between the Tyson and Holyfield camps that seems to be just about settled according to sources I don’t personally give a shit about. Tyson is fucking ready and they both bout to make some bread.

Quite frankly I have no fucking idea what Evander Holyfield has been doing other than probably training some up and coming boxers. Mike trains fighters on the move.

Tyson showing Ngannou a thing or four.

Now, with that being said this could be really fucking horrendous or somewhat gratifying for the folks who remember the Holyfield/Tyson saga from back in the day.

the way Tyson looks at the man after he bit his fucking ear off.
Tyson explains.


Don King standing behind Mike Tyson, while Tyson tells a nerdy reporter he addressed it in the ring by eating Holyfield’s ear off.

What To Think?

If you were a Tyson fan like most of the world, you’ll probably wanna see him send Evander Holyfield to hell. I most certainly do.

we should get to hear this shit on May 29th.

Whoever is sitting there thinking that Tyson isn’t gonna be pissed still inside, doesn’t know the real iron Mike Tyson. Ya just don’t. Mike would eat this mothafucka’s ear off again if he could, especially if he losing.



May just fucking have Mike on the endurance. HAHA, this son of a bitch is 58 years old and drippin’ in this workout clip. It comes down to power for mayo and I just think Mike gonna knock this fellas block off.

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