MLB: Major League Bullshit Continues

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Commissioner Ron Manfred

After months of picking splinters off their hands, the MLB and MLBPA have finally come to an agreement. Commissioner Rob Manfred will figure out a way to ruin it, undoubtedly.

Billies vs Millies

The battle of the riches. Long story short, the reason we aren’t watching live baseball right now is because the owners and the players are both crying about who should end up making more money this year. We got players saying they want to play, but their association is saying they won’t take a pay cut to play ball?! I feel like for the past three months the only thing these guys can agree on is that pineapple belongs on pizza. What a joke.

Speaking of jokes, Rob Manfred the MLB Commissioner is doing his absolute best to present one. We’re talking about the guy who called the World Series Trophy “a piece of metal” when asked why he isn’t stripping the Houston Astros of their unearned World Series trophy. How does a guy that can’t even appreciate the trophy make his way to power?

Major League Bullshit

After graduating from Cornell and Harvard he went on to become a partner for a law firm called Morgan Lewis focusing on labor and employment law…it all makes sense now. They hired a guy that can turn shit into diarrhea. Why do I feel like Rob eats plain hotdogs when he goes to ball games…who knows if he’s even been to one.


The trending hashtag that is going around twitter made by the players telling the organization they’re ready. Ready for what ? A hotdog eating contest? Grow up, stop using social media to please fans and make us think all you want to do is play baseball. In reality the only reason this season hasn’t happened is because players won’t take less money. Take the pay cut, tie up those laces and get some dirt on those cleats. LET’S GO!


While July 1st is officially the date these players will report to training camp, I wouldn’t doubt it if Rob Manfred took a shit on the field. Dude will probably cancel the season. I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m done with this Major League Bullshit.

Deep down his throat…

As of now, I’m in Chicago waiting on my mother to serve me some breakfast that will surely have me bitching again…

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