Morning From SpreadQuarters: Flock Feels

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SpreadQuarters Flock Feels

The flock feels in SpreadQuarters this morning are gladiator like and tremendous. After the Pelicans completely pissed the bed in the 4th last night, most whom were flocked started to cry for mercy and answers. Couldn’t tell us we weren’t gonna win that game. Not once that 4th hit.

Zion? Fans couldn’t obtain him with a search warrant late when the flock wanted buddy the most. However, not all heroes wear fucking capes the next morning, bro. Sometimes they just wear island guy harvey green long sleeves. They got beards and fucking rapid rant approaches. Relentless…

7:15 AM
ESPN Baton Rouge
Off The Bench w/ T-Bob Hebert

Now, time to fucking rise.
I need nothing more than a frozen and this bird promo!

Undoubtedly, this fucking slapped.

Not surprised, let us not forget…

Never forget this right here.

Dude is still live as we speak on YouTube. Just living!

OTB on tube every morning 7:00 AM.

Flock Feels To Keep

  • Pels loss by two points
    • BI was 7-20, 2-8 from behind the line.
    • Jrue was 9-18, 2-5 from behind the line.
    • Only four assist for Jrue.
    • Zion played 15 minutes.
    • Lonzo went 2-13, 0-4 from behind the line.

Basically, these cats can’t play any more rusty than that.

& the Pelicans loss by two with all that being said…

Get over ya fucking feelings and get ready to overcome some substantial adversity in the upcoming days. Flock up, or Flock down bud.

HTM Undressed 92

Free Mouth Friday is tonight in SpreadQuarters. The night that attracts the most fuckery easily is this exact one. Remember, we looking for any of this…

  • Bars
  • Chords
  • Speaking

Bring it all inside the jar.


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