Morning From SpreadQuarters: Two Shitty Things From Saturday

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Morning From SpreadQuarters: The Lord's Day

Currently chumming in SpreadQuarters thinking about the two shitty things that happen yesterday. Go ahead and exhale the toxicity of what happened yesterday for the beloved flock. Got flocked…

While doing so, I’ll exhale the tragic view of waking up and seeing only one blog published for HTM yesterday. Can’t make up my fucking mind which one is more nut punching right now. It’s the Lord’s Day, can we vent? Undoubtedly, we can…

This was fucked as well…

Two Shit Events

Option 1: The Pelicans get mollywhopped by the second best LA team.

  • Jrue Holiday may be the most inconsistent and frustrating fucking basketball player we’ve ever locally witnessed. Almost Eric Gordon like to an extent with inconsistency.
  • Zion plays gin rummy more these days then he plays professional basketball in any form.
  • Lonzo made the same amount of three point shots as JJ Reddick. (2)
  • Frank Jackson threw up 15 fucking shots.
  • Pels lose by 23 points.

Option 2: One blog in 24 hours for HTM.

  • 3rd time this week its happened.
  • 15 current active authors on HTM website.
  • 16 total blogs in seven days.
  • No UFC blogs.
  • Zero parish weather blogs since the original two.
  • Guys are scared to blog and get creative.
Stress relieving…

Help me, Help you

I could talk about this forever. But, it is easiest to leave it at this right here. Barstool has over 60 bloggers active. Roughly 15-25 blogs a day go out on barstool sports website. 24 hours, HTM gets one blog.

What are we?

Why can’t we embed this and click publish?
Easy answer: lazy, lack the want.

Current barstool blog count for day at 9:38? 11 blogs.

I’d be good with just someone understanding that and working from there to just make it slightly better. Nope, not happening over here. Tons of these blogs that the stool bros and gals post are simply embeds of their own content with little literature. A very simple technique to monopolize google SEO results with any subject matter they would like to present.

This was his last blog.
The exact embed you see here…

Portnoy don’t even type much unless he is pissed as fuck. Yet, guys keep asking me what to blog about and how it looks, sounds, and would fit for HTM? Live a fucking life my dudes. Sheesh, so discouraging. It is sad.

SpreadQuarters Schedule

Whatever, this is what is on the plate today/tonight…

  • This blog, hopefully others.
  • Signing up more bloggers on site.
  • Need to obtain a consistent shirt bro.
  • Preds look to smash the Yotes. (1:00 PM)
  • HTM Undressed 93 (10:00 PM)
  • Rippin Biscuits Podcast
  • New shirt design
  • Mail
Also, would like to win just ONE wager.
Here is my yesterday bets, no mercy.

Monthly Moderators

If you don’t know by now, we have a jam packed facebook group called Holders United. Approaching 1,000 members, this group is more and more a pure fucking shit show by the day. Each month new moderators are given the opportunity to make change in the holder community.

August Moderators

Westbank Rep – Seth Beer
Parish Rep – Blake Loescher
Northshore Rep – Devin Batiste
Metairie Rep – Tommy Fucking Badeaux
Hammond Rep – Sidney DiVincent
BR Rep – May Wesley (Craig’s brother)
Rural Reps – Chuck & Aaron
Orleans Rep – Trenton Gunter

If you want to blog, contact me via email.


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