Morning From SpreadQuarters With Some Assholes

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Morning From SpreadQuarters With Some Assholes

Good fucking morning from SpreadQuarters with some assholes on the side. For the very first time I decided to open up the jar to the fast as fuck advocate, Craig. Throw a little Joe Show on the sandwich and we got a full blown 24 hours jar of fuckery.

Anita only charged Joe Show.

UFC Fight Island 3 was last night, so I decided to sympathize for a good time with two mayo characters. Lets run through the entire summary of these fools in SpreadQuarters the last 24 hours.

This blog is brought to you by dope ass local shit like the Paaarish Weather Report.

Joe Show & Craig Timeline

12:30 PM

  • Craig gets dropped off by his ole lady in a Ford Fusion
    • four bottles of skoal
    • red bull (chaser)
    • boiled peanuts
    • hot tamales
    • a blanket

12:40 PM

  • Joe Show shows up in Mercury Mountaineer w/ out a mask
    • advocating baseball wagering
    • told me all about his picks, idgaf
    • talked to Brady on phone several times in one hour

1:15 PM

Grocery store stop at Lakeview Grocery. Pick up cold cuts, beer, liqour, and paper towels. Joe tries to enter a New Orleans establishment w/o a mask.

4:15 PM

By this time we had smoked so much weed, cigs, and ate all Craig’s tamales. Craig had literally went through any chaser possibility we had inside of the infamous SpreadQuarters by then as well.

3 Hours Of Tune Bumping
Smokin’ & Neck Talkin’ Later

6:45 PM

Joe begins talking less, and Craig begins to turn it up a notch. I’ve drank one beer, and smoked like 10 bowls by this point.

Best part of the night for Devin,

I went even on my 12 plus combat bets. LETS FUCKING GO.

1:45 AM

Joe is sleeping like a little full bellied, baby back bitch on the love seat in SQ.

Craig is pacing round the house on the phone, looking for his next move and chaser. Incredible durability on this kid.

Schedule From SpreadQuarters

Tons of shit on the plate today. These assholes will be gone by 2:00, and we got two shows to get done by midnight. This place is a fucking mess…

Upcoming on The Lord’s Day:

  • Tons of soccer wagers that Joe and myself made
  • Brunch w/ Craig 11:00
  • Rippin’ Biscuits Podcast on Hold The Mayo FB.
  • HTM Undressed on The Lord’s Night

Good morning from SpreadQuarters…


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