Morning Mayo: Gulf Shores w/ Devin Snow

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Gulf Shores

Morning Mayo, I’ve taken my talents to Gulf Shores for the weekend. Leaving HTM behind to most likely either sit there and do absolutely fucking nothing, or probably just reach on a ton of average content. Oh well, that was a risk I was willing to take for one whole ass day on the beach. Let’s start with some house rules while I am out of SpreadQuarters.

  • Craig is in charge of that group fuckery called Holders United.
    • I could care less what he does…no saving that place.
    • HU, where intelligence crumbles by day.
  • Please don’t slide in my dm’s and expect a real answer.
    • I told the grown men in Holders United to stop sliding in my DM’s and we are at our highest volume ever.
  • Undressed is back Sunday night barring a catastrophe.
  • Merch still blowing out the jar.
Brand New B.A.D BR Line

Morning Mayo From GS

I arrived in Gulf Shores last night around midnight. It was a long fucking haul. I had been packaging mayo all day and caught a bad case of boat ass on the way out here.

First stop: Smoothie King (Strawberry Hulk) $5 Friday

Easily stopped four solid times. One of the stops was an historic stop for the mayo man. Pascagoula, the home of…a couple fast food joints.

Got lit up with that dude on that day. His name was Devin and he worked at KFC in Pascagoula.

Taco Bell Order

  • 3 Soft Tacos
  • One Large Baja Blast
  • Cinnamon Twist

From there I went 55-65mph for the next two hours…

Top Bunk?

I’m now safe and sound in my sleeping arrangements for the weekend. Ever wanna know where you are in life? I have the fine opportunity to ponder just that as I lay in a top bunk bed above my teenage cousin and her boyfriend. Don’t you ever say mayo made it, yet…

Now On Couch…

Second night has arrived and my happy ass is on the couch. Fresh off of watching one of the best free fight nights I have ever witnessed. The day went smooth. Got burn on my fucking feet, the top part. Also, burnt like bacon on the upper thighs and knees. All locations that will make you burn like a little bitch. Didn’t get that drunk, took a nap, and blew some candles out for another year in the books.

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