Morning Mayo Motivation: Chestnuts and Big Macs

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Top of the mornin’ everybody and welcome to the first Morning Mayo Motivation! When I awoke from my slumber this beautiful Saturday, I decided that I wanted to inspire people across the Mayo Land. And what better way to get your day going than watching Joey Chestnut devour some Big Macs?! So please, take some time to watch the man write his place into another part of history. (If you’re rushed this morning, start the video at 2:34).

We are not worthy!

The Breakdown Of The Mac Challenge:

32 Big Macs: (Numbers based on McDonalds nutrtition data, not the video)
15.36 lbs of food
17,600 calories
960 grams of fat
1,440 carbs
800 grams of protein

This Is Talent, Trust Me

Back in my college days, McDonalds made the decision to sell a Big Mac at $1 for about one month. People, I took full advantage of this, grabbing 2-3 for lunch alone. Which may have also attributed to my 30-40 lb weight gain since high school, but that’s not why we are here.

Take it from me, this is impressive. Now, I do not urge you try this, but if you do please send in the proof by tagging HTM on all platforms. I simply wanted you to see the reward of gluttony and clogged arteries.

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That’s your Morning Mayo Motivation everybody. Now go kick today’s ass.

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