Morning Wood News: Steph Rayner Wouldn’t Skip Rocks With Ya

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Steph Rayner will knock ya coffee out ya hand.

Good lawd and morning wood mercy.

On my condiment soul, this woman Steph Rayner is indeed the smokiest of smokeshows. Time to wake up and speaking of which…

Let’s talk about never needing a fucking alarm clock if this was everyday bae.


Never fails, and the technique remains the same for mayo.

  • Click instagram.
  • Then, click discover.
  • Find the most gorgeous woman discoverable.
  • Show appreciation on mayo web.
Stop it.

This runway blockbuster babe will leave ya wondering if life has more to offer. It does bud, but this ain’t it. The chances of you scoring with Steph are about as slim as lizard dicks.


The model we all root for is Steph Rayner.

Beauty never seemed so apparent.

Till ya heard the woman speak.

Australia Huh?

Comfy shoes, snacks, and after that I started to fucking melt son.

As if Steph would settle with being just HOT AS ALL FUCK. The accent is the deal sealer for all idiots on the fence.

Steph On Social

Instagram followers: 585k (2nd on MWN list)

& honestly,

I can’t find miss Rayner on another platform with a search warrant. So… this could hurt her if we ever do boil this down to some Morning Wood power spankings.

Something you can find without a warrant or worry is Ben’s Burgers on Clearview in Metairie. The most versatile menu in the game and ya can get there for lunch today.

2008 Clearview Pkwy.
Metairie, LA


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Thank you for waking up with Morning Wood.


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