Morning Wood News: Vale Genta Won’t Eat A Bowl Of Cereal w/ Ya

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Anyone tryna wake up with Vale Genta this morning?

Wake the hell up and grab some tissue if it’s really like that bro, it’s the Morning Wood News live from SpreadQuarters inside the greatest city in the world. We have nice things…

I’m not sure what ya plans were this morning, but I’d be willing to bet the few cents I have left that you will NOT be eating biscuits with a woman of this stature.

I’d imagine miss Genta and the team had to get to the beach extremely early to take a photo of this magnitude.

This was hands down the biggest smoke show I personally saw on the internet last night before I decided to lay my bones and crack my back.

Vale is an actress by trade.

Ya may have seen her work.

  • Royal Crush (2016)
  • Guilty Party (2017-2018)
  • Some Blink-182 short series?

& lastly she has been on the red carpet in 2017.

Morning Wood News: Vale Genta

Vale Genta Social Media Stats

The social media is where Genta is flexing…

& because of that…

Buying this girl a sandwich is like getting a chance to meet Santa…

The rise of a true man continues on Mayo Spreads.

That’s gonna change when mayo blows though.

Instagram followers: 1.6 million (follow here)

TikTok followers: 663.2k (follow here)

Twitter followers: 15.6k? (follow here)

Let’s stop there.

What does that tell ya? Nothing, she just isn’t tweeting.

Vale is active y’all…
Twitter is one click too many, I get it.
Look at this role model exercising while practicing covid safety!
That’ll extend Vale’s life another ten years, smart move.

Twitter may not be her best cup of brew, but does that honestly matter? Nope it doesn’t.

At the very same time this bugs me….

Under 100 likes on this photo of her new dog Wilson is just not fucking cool.

unacceptable. (I’ll be 97)

The dog looks like he’s having a sun shiny, fluffy ole time with Vale.

& so anyone in their right fucking mind.

Vale Genta, we’d love to send you mayo.

& Ben over at Ben’s Burgers would love to grill you some burgers with whatever condiments you’d like…

  • Mayo
  • Onions
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Pickles
  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Mustard?


He can rap too!

Ben’s Burgers
All Day/All Night

Free Mouth Friday XVIII tonight at 10:00.


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