Morning Wood News: You’d Be Thankful For Sofia Bevarly

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Sofia Bevarly is featured on Morning Wood News

Somebody call the local fire department and tell them bring a FEW trucks as Sofia Bevarly is ABLAZE! Good lawd and morning wood mercy! Who is thankful this morning?


Sheesh, Sofia Bevarly.

And perhaps Dan Bilzerian. The FIU alumni’s most notable headline the last few years other than being a straight fire hazard, is that she ran with Dan. I mean this fucking guy just don’t lose.

Maybe one of his biggest victories is/was Sofia.

What We Know…


Not fucking much…

Keeps a low profile and I can’t find a Twitter with a search warrant. Ok, maybe not a super low pro considering these flabbergasting photos. But, low enough for the average yat like me not to know anything other than the following…

  • She loves animals.
  • Bang Energy Drink Fucks w/ Sofi.
  • Dan Bilzerian is one call away.
  • Graduated from FIU.
  • 1.4 million followers on insta.
  • Lives in Florida.

Gossip says Dan fell outta love.

What a fucking idiot. Nah, I’m a fucking idiot for thinking he is an idiot. But, fella had to lose sleep for ONE night minimum. This woman takes the Morning Wood News crown in a no contest.

Free Mouth Friday 20 is tonight.

10:00, live from SpreadQuarters.

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Chalmette and New Orleans.


If ya name three car radio tunes like anyone should be able to do…ya can win some nice treats from Ben’s Burgers as well.

Ben’s Burgers
Metairie, LA

Don’t miss ya chance to win and reside in mayo history.

Also, HTM Undressed 147 was superb.

HTM Undressed 147

The mid-week soul check staying stellar as usual.

See y’all in SpreadQuarters tonight.

FB Live: Hold The Mayo


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