Mullet Madness: A Brief History In Sports

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It seems like every couple of years or so the mullet has a resurgence in pop culture. Armies of jocks and frat brothers watching Jared Allen and Randy Johnson highlight reels in their dorms start to shape their hair for the annual Spring Break mullet. It’s a look that screams “I’m fun and a renegade.” Which is why it is so perfect for the egocentric based athlete. The Brian Bosworths of the world, the Ric Flairs. In a world where you’re forced to wear a uniform, your hair can be your only form of self-expression. So today, we’re going to take a look through time at some of the best mullets in sports.

Randy Johnson

BALTIMORE, MD – AUGUST 5: Randy Johnson #51 of the Seattle Mariners pitches during a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles on August 15, 1997 at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

He killed a bird with a fastball one time

Nicknamed The Unit, Randy Johnson was known for his unorthodox sidearm delivery that brought heat. Johnson is the kinda guy that can wear a mustache and mullet at the same time with no speculation because he’s throwing 95 MPH fastballs down the pipe. You gotta respect that type of game even if Johnson sold out and became a Yankee, there’s no denying the greatness of him. A man of few words with a strong mullet gets his place on the list.

Jaromir Jagr

Jagr deserves a place on hockey Mt. Rushmore mullet included.

I’m not a hockey guy but the fact that I know who Jaromir Jagr is, is a real testament to who he is a player. I wrote that in present tense because dude is 49 and STILL PLAYING hockey. Most career game winning goals, most career points by a European, second only to career points behind Wayne Gretzky. Forsberg who? That’s the greatness of a player that’s been propelled through his career by a brilliant mullet.

Brian Bosworth

The Wizard of Boz

As a dominating strong side linebacker for the University of Oklahoma, Bosworth was lighting it up during his time there. Known for his radical antics and wild hairstyles Bosworth is a textbook case of how the mullet can generate hype around you. Immediately he was tagged as the new bad boy of football. Unable to play in the Orange Bowl due to a positive steroid test, this and a litany of other disciplinary issues always held him back from reaching his full potential. Hence why Bosworth never lived up to the hype of his mullet in the NFL after being selected as a 2 time All American in college. He will be forever be known as a flop and for that one time Bo Jackson ran him over like a small child.

Lionel Messi

My SECOND favorite Argentine with a mullet behind Diego Maradona

If you ever got to witness Yung Messi and his mullet then you are a true Barca fan. He was young,naive and yet to achieve super stardmom. Since then Messi has changed his look quite a number of times, but this look holds a special place in my heart. Before his 6 Ballon D’ors Messi was ripping it up on the pitch with the likes of Ronaldinho and Xavi and that sweet Total 90 ball. Setting records for the youngest player to ever play in a World Cup game and collector of 34 trophies in total so far, I see no coincidence in the fact that he wore a mullet and his now widely considered the GOAT.

Andre Agassi

If Riff Raff had a rich brother that played tennis

At one point Andre Agassi was the darling of the sport. Probably best known for his legendary rivalry with Pete Sampras and for being ranked #1 in the world in 1995. He became the bad boy of tennis when McEnroe’s star faded and he left the scene. Agassi in his later career opted for the slick bald look but we will always remember him for the guy that made tennis kinda cool again.

John Daly

American golfer John Daly, circa 1992. (Photo by Leonard Kamsler/Popperfoto via Getty Images)

Happy Gilmore incarnate

John Daly is a whole mood. I mean just look at him, just look at him. He’s the kinda guy that just screams FLORIDA MAN. Daly came into the public eye after he won the 1991 PGA Championship, with his legendary drive and blue collar look, he brought more eyeballs to golf than before. The proof is in the mullet people. Those silky blonde locks and white trashy mustache driving the ball 300 yards is a beautiful sight.

Dwayne Schintzius

Imagine telling your kids you got posterized by a 7 foot man with a mullet

At 7 ft 2 and hailing from Brandon,Florida Dwayne Schintzius might just be the tallest mullet to ever grace the sports world. Think about going for a layup and you get your shot slapped and your face slapped simultaneously by this dude’s hand and lengthy mullet. I mean the NBA has had some famous mullets over time from greats like Larry Bird and Kurt Rambis but Schintzius’ dominating frame at center gets the nod. Unfortunately he passed in 2012 from complications with leukemia.

Ric Flair


How could you make a list of great mullets without including Naitch? The Rolex wearin, diamond ring wearing, kiss stealin, wheelin dealin, jet flyin, son of gun, rightfully deserves a place atop Mullet Mt. Rushmore. There could have been tons of choices in the wrestling category but the award goes to the GOAT. I fully believe Ric Flair’s promo power directly coincides with how luxurious his mullet is. Prime Flair had better hair than Heather Locklear on Charlie’s Angels and for that we salute you Naitch. Possibly the only man to ever fully believe every word that is coming out of his mouth.

Holders, how did we do on this list? Sound off in the comments below with your opinions and anyone we may have missed. Hold it!

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