NBA Playoff Spread Selections, Lebron Can’t Hide From Fate

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Chris Paul & Monty Williams. NBA Mayo Spreads

Better get to the table for this NBA Playoff spread mayo bout to put out. Let’s go no further without declaring my ride or die team in this whole thing. The fucking Phoenix Suns. It has to happen, it’s gonna happen, and will be one fantastic moment in sports history when it does happen. Chris Paul and Monty Williams have rolled back the clock for what could be the final CP3 playoff run. New Orleans basketball fans will forever wanna kick themselves in the nuts for not having Monty Williams still to this day.

That pic on the left makes me wanna cry son.

Ya Love To See It

The man we knew would do legendary things and the man who deserves every last bit of his triumph. Need a blueprint on how to be a fucking man? Take a glimpse into what Monty Williams has done to get here today. To nobody’s surprise at all, Monty has gotten the Suns back to the playoffs for the first time since 2010. That’s eleven whole years, these fans are pumped after finishing second in the West. Monty wins Coach of the Year.


However, their reward is a first round dick swinging contest with Lebron. I rather watch Martha Stewart finger herself than watch Lebron have an extended stay in the Playoffs this year.

Just my opinion and Charles Barkley said it best. The NBA don’t have the balls to suspend Lebron for his little Covid party. He’d literally cry for months about it.

  • 76ers will advance, sadly for Russ.
  • Knicks and Hawks will probably be one entertaining fucking series, but not nearly as entertaining as me actually taking the Knicks to win the series.
  • Jazz/Grizzlies is interesting. I’m holding off on that.
  • RIDING the Suns over the Google Lakers. Suns win series 4-2, book it up. AD eats ass the entire series.
  • Blazers gonna finish off the Nuggets. They always good for one series win in the playoffs, Dame is determined.
  • Fuck the Nets.

That’s what I’m rolling with for now.

As For Today

NBA Mayo Spreads
May 23, 2021

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