NBA to Use “World Cup Style” For NBA Playoffs?

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It has been roughly two and half months since the NBA was forced to suspend the season due to multiple players testing positive for the Corona virus. There have been talks about when or even if the NBA will be able to resume play. As time has gone on, the consensus is that the NBA will be doing everything in its power to finish the season and have an NBA Playoffs, even if that means starting next season later than usual.

There have been many ideas thrown around as to how the NBA would resume. Some fans would like to see the NBA pick up where it left off in the regular season. Other fans are drooling over the idea of finally seeing a 1-16 seeded playoffs regardless of conference. However, this leaves out teams who were surging and pushing for the final playoff spots. For example, our Pelicans started the season slow due to injury, but were quickly making up ground on the eighth seeded Grizzlies. Not to mention, we had the tie breaker should it have come to that.

World Cup Style

Last night, Commissioner Adam Silver sent out a survey to all 30 General Managers to get their opinions on a possible “World Cup Style” playoffs. For those who live on another planet, the FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. It is a football (soccer) tournament held in a different location every four years and involves two years of qualifying play to even get to the World Cup tournament. Once you are there, 32 countries are placed in tiers and drawn into eight groups with four teams per group. Each group plays a round robin with the top two teams from each group advancing to a single elimination knockout stage. Over a span of a month, 64 matches are played. Even people who thought they didn’t like soccer find themselves yelling at the TV before it is all said and done.

NBA World Cup

Adam Silver admitted that he is “jealous in certain ways of soccer globally,” and has been tossing around the idea for the NBA to develop a mid season tournament as well as another late-season-play-in tourney. This might be his chance to follow soccer’s lead. Silver’s proposal has gotten a lot of positive feedback from GMs. Should the NBA proceed with this style, the top twenty teams in the league will be put into tiers based on record and drawn into 5 groups. Each group will be a round robin with teams playing each other twice. The top two teams from each group will basically advance to the conference semi-finals as from that point on, the remaining teams will play 7-game series until there is a champion.

The NBA is reportedly considering a possible 'World Cup style' group stage in lieu of the 1st round of the playoffs. It…

Posted by theScore on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Sign me up. 80 games played over a span of a few weeks. Seeing two of my favorite sports come together after being starved for almost 3 months of no sports. Not to mention, the Pelicans will have a shot at making some noise, NBA Playoffs noise, for the first time in a while. Sign. me. up. Hold it.

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