Never Forget When The WWE Had Wrestlers Boxing Till Death

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Please tell me that ya remember when writers had the bright idea to have wrestlers boxing in an event called ‘Brawl For All’ back in 1998. It was entertaining.

During the prime of the Attitude Era and the fucking prime of Vince Russo writing for what was then called the world wrestling federation (WWF). Before ya can even understand this ‘Brawl For All’ idea, ya gotta understand this era. If ya grew up during the mid-late 90’s and don’t respect it?

IDK, bro.

Tell me ya were born in the early 90’s without telling me ya were born in the early 90’s.

In the midst of a war with the WCW, Vince McMahon had just struck gold with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Shall we shed tears?

NOBODY will ever get a better pop in sports or entertainment or whatever the fuck ya wanna call it. Austin gave PURE vibes.

He had also just promoted a creative and controversial fella that was writing the WWF Magazine at the time. That fella was Vince Russo and the entire Attitude Era of wrestling can be attributed to him in more ways than some could ever fathom.

A genius in my book.

WHO IS STILL fighting the good fight might I mention. Russo is still fucking telling it how it is and I firmly agree with his creativity.
most creative writer in wrestling history.
Best part he was just being a dude.

Russo is on record saying that they would literally watch episodes of ‘Jerry Springer’ while writing the shows during that time.

Which leads us back to the ‘Brawl For All.’

This documentary will give ya most of the juice and I enjoyed every single second of the mothafucka.

June 29th, 1998

That was the start date for this event. Here are the details ya need to know about how it worked out and might I mention this is wrestling still. That means Vince McMahon was still able to direct who faced who, change bouts, and overcome shit that may have not worked out.

  • 3 one minute rounds
  • 5 points awarded for each:
    • Most punches landed per round.
    • For each takedown
  • Honestly, who gives a fuck the point system was a fucking meaningless disaster.
  • scheduled over a 3 month period
  • refs and judges with no experience.
  • winner of the entire thing got $75,000 for their efforts

The contestants were nostalgically pleasing.

16 of the most nostalgic names you’ll hear. The goal was to pick 16 of the most underused and promising talents that they had on the roster.


  • The Godfather (former Vegas bouncer)
  • Bradshaw (said he’d KO anyone according to Russo)
  • Droz (click here for Droz story)
  • Bart Gunn (you don’t remember)
  • Dr. Death (4x all-american wrestler and football player)
  • Steve Blackman (a lethal man)
  • Marc Mero (legit gold gloves champ)
  • Dan Severn (UFC Champion)
    • dropped out after beating the Godfather to not further tarnish his career.
  • Mark Canterbury (6’5, 300 lbs)
  • Some dude named Brakkus?
  • Savio Vega lol
  • Hawk (legion of doom)
  • Bob Holly (Hardcore Holly)
  • Carl Oulett?
  • Ron Harris (liked to fight)
  • 2 Cold Scorpio (tragic)
The Godfather vs. Too Cold Scorpio

Long Story Short

Bart Gunn beat the absolute fuck outta everybody in the tournament. Nobody expected this Bart Gunn fella to win. In fact, Dr. Death was the horse that Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, Jim Cornette, and some other important fellas wanted to prevail and get pushed to face Stone Cold because of the glory in the end.

Welp, back to Bart Gunn.

  • He knocked out Bob Holly.
  • Then knocked out Dr. Death, ended his entire career if we being honest.
  • Laid The Godfather out.
  • Sent Bradshaw to fucking hell.
Bart Gunn vs. Bradshaw

Won the entire fucking thing only to get sent home for a few months because Vince McMahon and the writers had no fucking clue what to do with a guy named Bart Gunn. He’d get a call for Wrestlemania, but it wasn’t the call he wanted lemme tell ya.


Yep, fucking Butterbean.

  • 77 pro boxing victories.
  • 58 knockouts.
  • 20 victories in the first round.

Only went past the fourth round ONCE! Against Larry Holmes who was a fucking legend. Yeah, that guy Butterbean fought Bart Gunn at WrestleMania XV.

What do ya think happened?

Butterbean had them fucking hands.

What happened was the clarity that every wrestling fan needed. Butterbean made the entire ‘Brawl For All’ look really fucking dumb. But, to say this shit isn’t entertaining to look back on or saying it wasn’t entertaining for the common college bro at the time is a reach. Trial and error, but in history this event ruined some careers.

Never watched a bad documentary from DSOTR

Bart Gunn would go on to do not much and many of those fellas in the tournament just never turned out to have any long lasting success in WWE.

Great Times

Still fantastic to look back on this in 2021 while eating a hamburger steak. Nothing wrong with being American.

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