New Orleans Saints Quarterback Update

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New Orleans Saints' Quarterbacks on the sidelines

Well Saints fans, Sean Payton made an appearance on ESPN’s First Take. He was asked a number of questions, most of which revolved around the New Orleans Saints’ QB situation. There has been a lot of news going around on all three guys, so it seems to be a good time to give everyone an update on just where each player’s situation stands.

The GOAT, Drew Brees

First up is the legend himself, Drew Brees. Drew is the player that the entire situation hinges on. If Drew comes back, that means that the Saints’ QB room will consist of Drew Brees, Taysom Hill, and likely a third QB who we draft, or sign as a backup in free agency. That means that Teddy Bridgewater will be starting elsewhere next season. However, it is not a given that Drew Brees comes back. Unfortunately, it seems as likely as ever that Drew might just decide to hang em’ up. He has given no confirmation that he is coming back. Every time the subject of retirement has come up, Drew has given the same answer. He says that he is going to take some time off, think about it with his family, and make his decision in about a month’s time.

Teddy TwoGloves

The wildcard in the situation is Teddy TwoGloves, aka Teddy Bridgewater. Teddy, like all of our QBs, is a lovable character, and he quickly became a fan favorite. This past season was Teddy’s second in NOLA. He signed a 1 year, 7.2 million dollar contract in free agency last year. Despite an offer to be the starting QB for the Dolphins, Teddy decided to stay patient, and it worked. Teddy filled in for Drew Brees, and he went 5-0 as the starter. He proved that he is still a really good QB in this league. For that reason, he is going to be getting a big payday this year around. Unfortunately, the only ways the Saints are likely going to be able to keep Bridgewater is if he takes another small contract this year to remain a backup, or if Drew retires. There is just no way that the Saints are going to be able to pay the 20-25 million dollar contract that Teddy is going to want and deserve. Here’s what Teddy had to say about free agency when he appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

The Swiss Army Knife, Taysom Hill

Taysom Hill is the most straightforward player in this situation. It seems that there is no way that Sean Payton is going to let this man out the door, and rightfully so. Hill is such a dynamic player. This past season, he lined up in every offensive position besides offensive line. Not only that, but he also played special teams. He can block punts, run fakes on punts, throw fifty yard bombs, run for touchdowns, and oh yeah, he had the third most receiving touchdowns on the team with six (Not counting his touchdown against the Vikings in the playoffs). Only Michael Thomas and Jared Cook, who each had nine, had more. It is pretty safe to say that barring a massive offer that the Saints just cannot match, Taysom will be a Saint next year. Outside of his QB skills his value in all other areas is just too vital. However, it sounds like Sean Payton has a main position in mind for Taysom in the not too distant future.

This off season is huge not only for the now but also the later. It will be crucial that we make the right decisions so we can keep up our recent success. Make sure you follow NolaSportsHub and HTMSports for all of your up to the minute news! Whodat!

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