New Orleans Saints Trade Up for Tua Tagovailoa?

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It seems every draft night there is one trade or one surprise pick that no one saw coming. These picks can shape the future of many teams and change the overall direction of the draft. With the draft being tomorrow night, bold predictions are flying all over the shop. Call me crazy now, but when it happens, make sure to come back and give credit where it is due. Tua Tagovailoa will be wear the black and gold.

Falling Stock

One year ago, if you were to ask any GM or draft expert who the first pick in the draft would be, the unanimous answer would have been Tua Tagovailoa out of Bama. Since then, Joe Burrow has set the world on fire and cemented his position as the first overall pick. On the other hand, Tua’s college career came to the worst possible ending. On what would have been his last drive on the game, with a 35-7 lead over Mississippi State, Tua suffered a dislocated hip. This is an injury which had doctors worried about his ability to walk properly, never mind play football. Miraculously, as of March 31st, Tua has been cleared for all football related activities. Despite this news, it is being reported that he has already been dropped from three teams’ draft boards over concerns of his injury.

Tua Time in NOLA

It looks like concerns over his health may cause Tua to fall in this draft. Tua needs to go to a place where he can learn for a year and make sure he is really back to his healthy self. The Saints seem like a perfect match. Drew Brees is getting ready for what is looking like his last year. Taysom Hill will be an unrestricted free agent after the 2020 season. The front office knows it is time to prepare for life after Drew. A player who has been called the left handed Drew Brees would be the perfect player to take over the reigns after the G.OA.T. calls it a career.

Trade Details

There are two spots that the Saints will keep an eye on. Miami at pick 5 and the Chargers at pick 6. If Tua is available after the Chargers go on the clock, the Saints could look to pounce. The Panthers at 7, Cardinals at 8, and Jaguars at 9 have all expressed an interest in moving back in the draft and gathering future assets. It would probably cost a little more to move up with Carolina because they are a division rival. So, a trade up would look something like this.

  • Saints Receive:
  • 8th Overall
  • 114th Overall
  • 2021 ARI 3rd Rounder
  • Cardinals Receive:
  • 24th Overall
  • 88th Overall
  • 169th Overall
  • 2021 NO 1st Rounder
  • 2021 NO 4th Rounder

This would be a costly move, but more than worth it to grab a player who would step in after Drew Brees and carry the franchise for the next ten plus years. Tua plays a lot like Drew, so the scheme would not have to change at all. Tua fits in perfectly, and if healthy, is right up there with Joe Burrow as the best player in the draft. Hold it.

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