New York Burner Account

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Adam Gase on sideline talking to Wyatt

Interesting news coming out of New York with the “J. E. T. S.” Jets, Jets, Jets. According to incredible New York sources, a source close to the Jets may indeed be the man behind the secret burner account on Twitter. Don’t worry the account has been deleted, but it surely seems this guy Manish Mehta doesn’t like the direction of the football team in Florham Park.

Wyatt Strikes…

This “Wyatt” account is something else boys and girls. The content is must see entertainment. A Twitter account that rides with Adam Gase till the fucking casket drops. Supports him in every single way possible.

Investigation Time

Alright, so we can start by letting you know Adam Gase has a son named Wyatt. That strikes a weird chord right away. Do I truly think that Gase is the man behind the account? Man, fuck it is hard to say. I’m surely not sold that he isn’t the man behind the account. Manish Mehta taking the bump doesn’t quite seal the deal for me either. If that is the case, then so be it. Another wise guy in NYC strikes again to achieve disaster. Gase was asked yesterday about that star running back they have in New York. He seemed a tad unhappy when answering that question. This is stellar commentary.

We Need To Know

It just really worries me how worried Gase looks in that presser. Sounds exactly like a guy who assembled a burner account to strictly criticize Jets front office, decisions, and players. Oh, and support Adam Gase. Surely, this should make for some incredible off-season entertainment in New York. Either way, Gase will never recover from this burner phone debacle as a Jet. They will continue to lose their dicks off and look for guys to pay big bucks.

Hold it.

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