News On Michael Rapaport’s Well-Being After KD Demolished Him

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Things are not well in the Michael Rapaport camp.

Very few could have expected things to be well for Michael Rapaport after KD demolished his career last week. Well, some could say Mike really made a brainless decision by releasing the actual proof of KD demolishing Rapaport inside his direct messages.

One week later…

A broken Michael Rapaport goes on Undisputed.

pins this on his twitter.
super soft flex

Can We Talk About The Dog Park Real Quick?

Regardless of the scenario, worrying about what people think about ya at the fucking dog park is incredibly insecure. It clearly shows that Mike has completely loss touch with the fact that life goes on.

  • Stop going to the dog park.
  • Use an app to order ya coffee.
    • Less communication, in and out.
Ooooof, man.

51 In 2021

Michael needs to understand that his verbiage and presentation are not quite adding up in 2021. Nobody is gonna ride the 51 year old Rapaport train at this point. As soon as he understands that it will surely help the fella move on with his career.

sheesh, 51 years old.

That reaction after his initial reaction on his podcast has a dramatic difference in tone. The last few days have gotten to Michael Rapaport and surely he is prepping another lawsuit worth of footage in hopes to take KD down in the long run.

Ask KD how he really feels.

Lol, hit them boys with the GENERIC PRO response!

And that’s exactly what ya won’t get from Craig’s Electrical when ya call em up for that brand new generator. Ya gonna need it!


Don’t take the chance or chances are you’ll be sitting on ya wet ass in the dark come August. Let em know ya hold mayo,


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