NFL Business 101: Chase Daniel Eats Steak, Lobster, And Dollar Signs

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Nobody has done it better than Chase Daniel in the NFL. At this point the fella is just flexing financially. He’s like the Dave Ramsey of the fucking NFL without saying a word about it. This is the model and Chase is the legend. Can’t even say I’m not completely serious in considering this a dead ass H.O.F. career we are witnessing.

Can’t imagine his fridge.

One day the NFL will compromise the wrong compromise and let back-ups in the hall. Chase will be the first one that gets the knock from the fat ass guy in the gold jacket. Right, that fucking guy.


One G.O.A.T.

Two Back-Up G.O.A.T.S.

Three Financial G.O.A.T.S.

Where greatness began in many forms.
Was it Brunell that told Chase he’d last forever?

Some could say at this point Drew is living through Chase’s soul. I’d buy that.

Either way, we are just one detrimental Justin Herbert sack away from witnessing the next comeback player of the year. Wouldn’t even call it a comeback though, he’s been in the kitchen cooking for all too long. It’s nothing short of fantastic.

Nobody can sit at the table and tell Chase he don’t belong. Daniel can buy that opinion and sell it to some scrubs in California for a profit. In fact, it’s only fitting that Chase Daniel ends up in California.

The Money Trail

dare ya to ask Chase for a dollar!
fella knows the economy.

12 seasons for the Great Daniel

  • (1,694) career passing yards
  • (53) season high completions
  • (8) career TD passes
  • (7) career INT’s
  • (5) games started
  • (0) started for Saints
Lion Daniel

6 teams

  • Saints (2010-2012, 2017)
  • Chiefs (2013-2015)
  • Eagles (2016)
  • Chicago (2018-2019)
  • Detroit (2020)
  • Chargers (present)

Career Stash

Chase Career Dollars?


The Great Daniel don’t show up just to show up. Ya better put ya money where ya mouth is when it comes to this essential locker room figure. One thing you’ll know, he ain’t gonna miss practice. Chase shows the fuck up and listens, which is why he’s still listening to the sounds of dollar signs hit his account at 34 years old. The sled talk must have paid off with Drew this summer. We can all agree on that in New Orleans.

as we always agree.

God Bless Chase Daniel.

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