NFL Combine Moment: Kittle Nose Bleed

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George Kittle at the NFL Combine.

The NFL Combine will be heating up today as the tight ends, quarterbacks, and wide receivers will kick it off. Personally, my favorite time of the year. Nothing I love more than getting nice and toasted, while watching the NFL Combine. It is similar to that sitting around at the house watching the Masters feeling. Just slow paced entertainment all weekend long.

Speaking of entertainment, George Kittle is the man that pops up today when talking NFL Combine moments. Does anyone fucking remember when Kittle was running routes with a balled up piece of tissue in his nose?

NFL Combine Kittle

George was a FIFTH ROUND selection in the 2017 NFL Draft. Eight tight ends were selected before the ole wrestling fanatic. Denver? The biggest assholes of them all. They selected Jake Butt the very pick before Kittle was selected by San Francisco. Happy Trails John Elway!

Tight ends selected before George Kittle:

  • O.J. Howard- 1st round, 19th overall. Tampa Bay
  • Evan Engram- 1st round, 23rd overall. Giants
  • David Njoku- 1st round, 29th overall. Cleveland
  • Geral Everett- 2nd round, 44th overall. Rams
  • Adam Shaheen- 2nd round, 45th overall. Chicago
  • Jonnu Smith- 3rd round, 100th overall. Titans
  • Michael Roberts- 4th round, 127th overall. Detroit
  • Jake Butt- 5th round, 145th overall. Denver

You hate to see that shit…

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