NFL Mayo Spreads Week 13: Woke Up Feeling Dangerous

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Mayo Spreads NFL Week 13

It’s The Lord’s Day and without further mention let’s set the table with some NFL mayo spreads this morning. Not hungry? Who gives a shit. I wasn’t that hungry yesterday and ate the entire fucking table to shreds and pieces. How ya feel bout that?


Indiana +13? Book it.

Ohio State by a zillion? Book that too.

Alabama by 28 and Miami by 14? Yes Lawd.

Oregon State +11.5? Oh yes darlin.

Gabriel Benitez/Justin Jaynes u/2.5 rounds? I prolly lost ya by now, but didn’t lose that wager.

Saint Preux getting sent to the depths of hell by Jamahal Hill?


Ya just can’t ban the mayo man.


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For the last two days I’ve been in SpreadQuarters trying to craft the most creative and subtle community shirt to embrace. Surely not pissed about this one, Yes Lawd.


Absorb this for a second.
NFL Mayo Spreads Week 14



Saints win on The Lord’s Day

How’s Ya Vehicle?

If ya vehicle running like straight shit due to constant abandoning of service, please listen. In or around the New Orleans area? Head over to Midas on Canal street and ask for Mista Vince DiVincent. He gonna take care of ya. Tell em mayo knows ya.

Click Midas to schedule.


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