Nic Cage Barefoot In Vegas Looking For Cocktails & Treasures

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Nic Cage On Some

Y’all didn’t by chance hear about Nic Cage barefoot in Vegas getting so fucking hammered that he was mistaken for a homeless man, huh? Yeah, Nic was on one, like the majority of Las Vegas.

Nic Cage on some Nic Cage shit.

I mean you wanna talk about not giving a single fuck who knows ya Nic Cage or not. It’s so bold, like grant me the boldness of Nic getting so fucked up that workers at an upscale Vegas joint thought he was a homeless man at first. Then it’s like what do ya do after ya realize?

Actually quite depressing.

Gotta be drinking Mad Dog 20/20 or some shit. Sources say he was shouting and heating things up with some staff members. He also tried to get into a few fights and that’s about when they asked Nic to part ways with the establishment. Before leaving he asked some witnesses if they wanted to come back to his place. Sounds like he meant well and was just out his body.

But, Wait…

Doesn’t this like happen in Vegas every night and doesn’t Nic like own fucking Vegas? That’s where I’m a bit confused. This can’t be the first time he’s been spotted hanging out like Abe fucking Lincoln in the lounge of a bar drunk off his balls. I would’ve simply just minded my own business and let the dude fall asleep and wake up later.

We’ve all been here before, we just aren’t all Nic Cage. That’s what makes this somewhat legendary. Can’t find a fuck given with a search warrant on Nicky Cage.

Live ya life, even if it means getting fucking destroyed at a Vegas steak bar. Sounds iconic in my book. That steak bar is a better steak bar now.

call 504-367-2339 and get to work.


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