No One Cares Power Rankings Week 4

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Incredible games last week in the NFL. Lots of changes in the Power Rankings for Week 4. Brady had a stormy return to Foxboro, but left with a win. Los Angeles Chargers are on top of the AFC West. Arizona Cardinals are the only undefeated team left in the NFL. Check out last week’s ranks here to get a refresher if needed. Let’s dive into the list.

1. Buffalo Bills 3-1 (LW 2)Blew out the Houston Texans like a pair of bike tires that can with stand a heavyweight. These Bills know what opportunity they have this year to make a Super Bowl Run. They are dogs on the road +3 against the KC Chiefs on Sunday Night. Total open at 53.5 and now has moved up to 56.5.
2. Green Bay Packers 3-1 (LW 4)The Packers continue to string together wins. They are Road Chalk -3 on the road versus Cincinnati. I thought the Bengals defense was much better than what the showed on TNF versus the Jags. This total is at 50.5, and I would pounce on it now before it gets too high.
3. Kansas City Chiefs 2-2 (LW 5)The Chiefs bounce back in Philly to get one game behind first place in their division. The Chiefs are going to be at the top until the very end unless they somehow cant string together wins. Let’s be honest. No one was worried about the 1-2 Chiefs.
4. Arizona Cardinals 4-0 (LW 6)I’ve been on them. I’ve been off them. I’m back on them! They proved me wrong taking down the Los Angeles Rams at home. They never took the peddle off the gas against McVay’s offense that looked to stall out in the first half. The Cards are back home this week where Rookie QB Trey Lance is expected to make his first NFL start. AZ -5.5
5. Los Angeles Rams 3-1 (LW 1)Short week at the top as McVay seem to be hungover after the Ram’s Week 3 performance against the Bucs. Everyone with their Stafford MVP future tickets seem to be awfully quiet. It’s a long season, and the Rams will continue to compete. They go on the road against a divisional opponent in Seattle. LAR -3
6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-1 (LW 3)Tampa slides in the rankings even after winning in New England. We were lucky we got an entertaining game with the weather being such a factor. Tampa’s strategy is to rely on Tom Brady to score more points to win them games. The defense has struggled, and needs to start taking the steps to get better to help this team win. Tampa Bay host Miami. TB- 10
7. Dallas Cowboys 3-1 (LW 7)Big win in Dallas against Carolina giving the Panthers their lone loss for the season. This Dallas team is rolling. I know in the past the Cowboys find a way to lose at the end. Let’s see how this drama unfolds. DAL -7 vs NYG
8. Los Angeles Chargers 3-1 (LW 8)Justin Herbert balled out like a McDonald’s play pin throwing 3 touchdowns vs the Las Vegas Raiders. Lightening struck right before kickoff where the SUPER Chargers were ignited on both sides of the ball. They host the Cleveland Browns this week.
9. Cleveland Browns 3-1 (LW 9)The Browns defense team is legit, and they are stuck in a three way tie for first in the AFC North Division. They won an ugly game on the road in Minnesota. They now travel to LA to see the Chargers. We’ll see how often Myles Garret and the D-Line get to Herbert.
10. Las Vegas Raiders 3-1 (LW 10)The Raiders could not get things going early, and struggled the entire first half going down 21-0. The 2nd half they manage to make it close, but missed opportunities cost them this game. LV -5.5 vs CHI
11. Baltimore Ravens 3-1 (LW 15)Another team who as put together 3 straight wins. Harbaugh continues to get the most out of his players, and they don’t quit. Bridgewater left the game with a concussion, but he wasn’t playing well before then. Baltimore host Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night. BAL -7
12. Carolina Panthers 3-1 (LW 12)Sam Darnold continues to impress me each week. He continues to control the offense even with out McCaffery. This defense will keep the Panthers in playoff contention all year. CAR -3.5 vs PHI
13. Denver Broncos 3-1 (LW 11)Lose at home versus Baltimore. Nothing to panic for yet Broncos fans. You’re still tied for first in the division. Drew Lock may start this week if Teddy can’t go. They travel to Pittsburgh, and could be in a tough spot with the Steelers. DEN +1.
14. Seattle Seahawks 2-2 (LW 19)Seahawks get a road win at San Fransisco, and now host the Rams on TNF. I can’t quite make out this Seattle team, but I do like Russell Wilson in this spot at home to go head to head with Matthew Stafford to let him know whose division this really belongs to. SEA +3
15. New Orleans 2-2 (LW 16)Not sure how I can explain why the Saints move up after a stunning loss against the Giants. The Saints had this game, but could not convert first downs. I dont know what identity we are on offense, and it’s frustrating to watch. How can you start the game aggressive on 4th and 3 and go for it. Then later while the game is still 0-0 on 4th and 3 send your Kicker that you lack confidence in to make a big kick. Just be aggressive throughout the game.

Yes, I’m going 2 paragraphs here because this is my blog, and I’m sure no one is reading. It’s not time to hit the panic button. 2-2, and one game back from the division. At the beginning of the year I felt that this team could still steal the division from the Bucs. There’s 17 games in this season so i’m not ready to jump ship. Michael Thomas, Tre’Quan Smith, Eric McCoy, Terron Armstead, and Kwon Alexander are out, and this team can be a more cohesive unit when they’re all back.

16. Cincinnatti Bengals 3-1 (LW 17)They didn’t cover the number against Jacksonville on TNF, but manage to come back and get a win. Joe Burrow is ice cold in the 4th quarter. He’s done it in college, and he’s doing it now in the pros. This wont be the last time we see him do this in his career. I lean the over in this one. T 50.5
17. San Fransisco 49ers 2-2 (LW 17)San Fran was down for a portion of this game. Trey Lance came in for an injured Jimmy Garoppolo, and got the niners in distance during garbage time. I trust HC Kyle Shanahan to get his rookie QB ready for Arizona.
18. Tennessee Titans 2-2 (LW 14)Losing in OT against the Jets is never a good luck. They were without Julio Jones and AJ Brown this game so I’ll give them that. Many of use were force to watch the ending of this game after the noon slate was over. This team is good enough to win this division, but I don’t see it competing in the AFC this year. They go on the road to Jacksonville. TEN -4.
19. Minnesota Vikings 1-3 (LW 19)I thought the Vikings were a better team their record was. They couldn’t get going on offense, and lost 14-7 to the Browns. They are two games back in the NFC North. A chance to bounce back with the Lions visiting town. MIN -7.5
20. Washington Football Team 2-2 (LW 24)WFT go on the road with Taylor Heinicke, and win against Atlanta. Only one game back from first in the division. They look to extend their win streak with New Orleans coming to town. WAS +2
21. Chicago Bears 2-2 (LW 27)Justin Fields gets a win in front of the home crowd vs a not that bad Lions team. On the road this week to Las Vegas to keep a float the NFC North.
22. New York Giants 1-3 (LW 29)Big win on the road in New Orleans. Danny Dimes is solidifying himself the starting QB of the future for this team. Saquon is fully back. The defense doesn’t have any quit in them. They look to go to Dallas and steal a win. Daniel Jones is 1-3 SU vs the Cowboys. NYG +7
23. New England Patriots 1-3 (LW 24)Tough loss at home in Tom Brady’s return. Mac Jones delivered and show he can lead this team in the NFL. The Patriots are set to hit the road to Houston where they arrive as 9 point favs.
24. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-3 (LW 20)Old Ben can hit his WRs in the open field, and the offense is struggling. I trust Mike Tomlin to get this team ready, but this team will only go as far as Ben will lead them. They have a bounce back game with Denver coming to town.
25. Philadelphia Eagles 1-3 (LW 22)Philly loses to KC. I’m not sure if Nick Sirianni is a good coach or if he needs time to get things together. Philly goes on the road to Carolina.
26. Indianapolis Colts. 1-3 (LW 25)Got a win on the road vs a wounded Dolphin on the shore. Colts are still only one game from the division. Wentz needs to string some wins together. It starts in Baltimore on MNF. IND +7
27. Miami Dolphins 1-3 (LW 27)Who is brave enough to take +10 on the Dolphins at Tampa Bay?
28. Atlanta Falcons 1-3 (LW 28)Lose another one at home. Arthur Smith is another HC looks like he needs some time, but also needs another QB.
29. Houston Texans 1-3 (LW 26)The Davis Mills experience hasn’t been a pleasant one. Early reports are expecting Tyrod Taylor to come back in Week 6. HOU +9 vs NE
30. New York Jets 1-3 (LW 31)Solid home win for the Jets, and caught the Titans at a good spot. They play Atlanta Falcons in London for the early Saturday morning game.
31. Detroit Lions 0-4 (LW 30)You are either hot or your due. Dan Campbell is due. DET +275 ML
32. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-4 (LW 32)I should be discussing how I was wrong for doubting the Jaguars to cover a game so I’m not going to mention after Bo-Urban Meyer trended on Friday. I joke around with the name, but now I might have actually been onto something and didn’t realize. Tough spot to be in coach, but you preach leadership, and adversity. Lets see you how you handle adversity.

There you have the week 4 Power Rankings. A lot of teams who are in the outside looking in that top 10. Which low rank team do you expect to finish higher in the rankings? Let me know. Twitter: @marcelo_unda


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