No One Cares Power Rankings Week 5

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Week 5 Power Rankings a lot of people don’t care about, but these are my rankings. Football is meant to be fun. Let me know where I’m wrong. Check out last week’s rankings here.

1. Buffalo Bills 4-1 (LW 1)The Buffalo Bills look to be a wagon as they cruise through their opponents after week 1. It’s looking like they’re gonna be at least 7 point favorites up to 11/25 when the go on the road to New Orleans. They get Tennessee on Monday Night.
2. Green Bay 4-1 (LW 2)No. 1 & No.2 remain the same this week. Green Bay wins a nail biter in OT versus Cincinnati. The Packers are without starting LB Za’Darius Smith & CB Jaire Alexander. The defense is starting to get exposed, and unsure how long they will hold up. As long as Rodgers is playing, the Packers always have a chance to win the game. Packers go on the road to Chicago. GB -4.5
3. Arizona Cardinals 5-0 (LW 4)Still unbeaten after 5 games. I expected them to blowout the 49ers last week, but must have been due to these division opponents know each other very well. Kyler Murray has a shoulder injury he has been practicing on a limited basis week to week. I wonder if this is a let down spot where the Cards travel to Cleveland and face Myles Garrett & Jadeveon Clowney. CLE +3
4. Los Angeles Rams 4-1 (LW 5)McVay and the Rams defeat the Seahawks on TNF. I once thought this was the toughest division this year, but with the Seahawks & 49ers having to deal with QB injuries. The door is open for the Rams to take away the division from Arizona. They have a favorable matchup against New York Giants where they could be without Daniel Jones & Saquon Barkley. LAR -9.5
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-1 (LW 6)Tom Brady and the Bucs took care of business versus Miami Dolphins. They go on the road to Philadelphia on Thursday Night. The people of Philadelphia have their history with Tom Brady where the Eagles defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
6. Dallas Cowboys 4-1 (LW 7)Dallas offense is rolling, and the defense is playing outstanding thanks to CB Trayvon Diggs. I admit I was wrong that the Cowboys would pivot from Ezekiel Elliott as the workhorse RB, and let Dak cook. They are able to do both! Cowboys go on the road to New England who just gave up 22 points to Houston. DAL -4 Fun Tip: Dallas is 5-0 ATS this season.
7. Los Angeles Chargers 4-1 (LW 8)Chargers manage to squeak out a win in the shootout against Cleveland. They sit a top of their division in the AFC West. They travel on the road to Baltimore to see the Ravens.
8. Baltimore Ravens 4-1 (LW 11)These Ravens continue to find ways to win games. It’s hard to bet against them. Lamar Jackson threw for 442 yards to lead the comeback against the Colts. Not only did he perform to his full potential, the Ravens had convert 2 pt conversions, force turnovers, block kicks, and rely on missed kicks from the Colts. A lot had to bounce their way (the lateral call that was a Colts TD that was overturn is still sus). They host the Chargers in Baltimore for the 1 pm game and the spread is 3 points in favored of the Ravens. I dont know which way I lean, but I would be willing to kick back and root for points. O 52
9. Kansas City 2-3 (LW 3)KC three losses are to teams who are combine 12-3 this season. LAC, BAL, and BUF are all teams ranked ahead of them. I don’t think anyone doubts Patrick Mahomes can’t lead this team to the playoffs. The teams in the AFC have become more competitive now. There is still a lot of time in the season, but KC cant afford anymore losses. The schedule begins to get tougher with DAL, GB, DEN, LV, CIN, & LAC on the horizon. They head to the Washington Dumpster Fire in week 6.
10. Cleveland Browns 3-2 (LW 9)Lost a close game against the Chargers on the road. I’m concerned for the Browns and the Baker Mayfield relationship. This team is good enough to win the division, but can Baker help them make a run. The Browns will have a decision to make this offseason. But right now, they host the Cardinals at home. What is surprising is the Browns are 3 point favorites. Cardinals covered, but maybe it’s a low scoring game? Cardinals are the only undefeated team. something to think about. If you think the Browns win, I would also consider the under on the total. U 49.5
11. Carolina Panthers 3-2 (LW 12)Carolina loses a blunder at home against the Eagles. They have lost 2 games back to back. Sam Darnold looked like the guy we were used to seeing. Christian McCaffery is expected to be back this week. Panthers host the Vikings in week 6. If I am Joe Brady, I am laying out all my cards on the table to put myself in the running for the LV Raiders job come this offseason. CAR +1 O 46
12. New Orleans Saints 3-2 (LW 15)The Saints manage to go on the road and get a win as underdogs. I thought the Saints came out, and made it an emphasis to throw the football. The first drive they had 5 receiver sets and allowed Jameis to throw it. I was happy to see them stick to the pass with the 5 receiver sets again in the 2nd drive even after the INT. The Hail Mary before halftime paid dividends big. Saints are on the bye with a chance to get healthy, and for Michael Thomas to be back sooner.
13. Cincinnati Bengals 3-2 (LW 16)I felt bad for Bengals fans who had a chance to stun the Packers in OT. It’s unfortunate the missed FG cost them. The Bengals are a good football team, and Joe Burrow continues to impress as he competes with other teams. Cincinnati is on the road to Detroit. CIN -3.5 O 47.5
14. Chicago Bears 2-3 (LW 21)Justin Fields manages to get a win on the road which doesn’t come easy for rookies in this league. The Bears have to quickly prepare for the Packers coming to town. CHI +4.5
15. Denver Broncos 3-2 (LW 15)Denver loses back to back, and the hot start appears to fizzle out. The elite caliber defense didn’t do anything to help them on the road against Pittsburgh. Denver looks to bounce back while hosting the Raiders in Week 5.
16. Las Vegas Raiders 3-2 (LW 10)The Raiders lose to a Chicago team that they should have been able to take care of at home. Perhaps with all the Jon Gruden nonsense happening off the field effected the way they play. Gruden is out the door. The Raiders still have to compete, and have a championship they need to compete for. Maybe something like this can make them closer as a team, and perhaps they can start doing somethings on offense that will string together some wins. LV +3.5
17. Tennessee Titans 3-2 (LW 18)Tennessee bounces back against Jacksonville, but has to go toe to toe with the Buffalo Bills on MNF. It looks like Julio Jones and AJ Brown will be ready to go, and I hope we can get to see what this offense can do at full capacity.
O 54
18. Minnesota Vikings 2-3 (LW 19)One team I can’t figure out this year. I came into the year thinking they weren’t that good, but the offense look to put up points in close games. The defense is looking better, but now they are in these close games. I wonder if this has to do with Dalvin Cook being hurt. He looks to come back this week in the lineup.
19. Seattle Seahawks 2-3 (LW 14)The Seahawks are gonna be without Russell Wilson which means Geno Smith is back to be a starting QB in the NFL.
They travel on the road to Pittsburgh in week 5.
20. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-3 (LW 24)Steelers managed to get a win over the Denver Broncos last week. They are gonna be without WR JuJu Smith-Schuster for the rest of the season. Old Ben is going to need him a season long supply of Bengay to get him through this season.
21. San Fransisco 49ers 2-3 (LW 17)Trey Lance was unable to get his team the win on the road in AZ. San Fran is on bye, and Kyle Shanahan is keeping who will be the starting QB close to the chest. We’ll see how these 49ers look to improve after the bye.
22. Philadelphia Eagles 2-3 (LW 25)Philly goes on the road to defeat a hot Carolina Panthers team. They host the Buccaneers on TNF. Both of the Eagles wins are against NFC opponents on the road. Lets hope Jalen Hurts and the Eagles can get another one versus Tampa. PHI +7.5
23. New England Patriots 2-3 (LW 23)These Patriots struggled against Davis Mills and the Houston Texans. They rely too much on the defense, and the short yard game on offense. New England needs to prepare to keep up with Dallas this week. U 51.5
24. Washington Football Team 2-3 (LW 20)Tough matchup last week versus New Orleans. Heinicke kept it close for most of the game. Critical turnovers let the game out of their grasp. They host Kansas City on Sunday. If this defense is any lick of what they say they were going to be, they need to step up in this game and get after Patrick Mahomes.
26. New York Giants 1-4 (LW 22)I don’t have the confidence in Mike Glennon if he is set to start for Daniel Jones. No Saquon Barkley. WRs appeared to be dealing with injuries. I’m not sure if they will have a pulse after this one.
27. Atlanta Falcons 2-3 (LW 28)Come on it was the Jets in London. Just a glorified exhibition game. Falcons on bye this week.
28. Miami Dolphins 1-4
(LW 27)
Lets hope Tua gets back to start for the Dolphins to see if they can salvage this season. If this team can’t get back to 4-4 or 5-5, it might be time for them to consider Deshaun Watson in the offseason. Miami heads to London to face Jacksonville.
29. Houston Texans 1-4 (LW 29)Houston seems to be playing hard regardless what their record says. They catch the Colts in an interesting spot. Can the Colts rally after the blunder from last Monday Night? HOU +10 ML +325
30. New York Jets 1-4 (LW 30)Zach Wilson magic run out in London against the Falcons. Regroup over the bye, and see if they improve.
31. Detroit Lions 0-5 (LW 31)So close to win last week by the last second FG. They host Cincinnati this week. DET +3.5
32. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-5 (LW 32)Bo-Urban Meyer owes Jon Gruden a nice fruit basket this week shifting the attention away from him and his antics just one week ago.

Week 5 Power Rankings updated. Let me know where I’m wrong on twitter @Marcelo_unda.


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