Nobody Knew Kwame Brown Was The Funniest Man On The Planet

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It seems like any conversation ever conducted about Kwame Brown was regarding how the former 2001 NBA first overall pick fell short of expectations. Which is nothing short of factual, but he ain’t going out without a fucking impact. The world needed this Kwame Brown broadcast series and Kwame has all the time in the world to keep it going.

Where we at now.

What Exactly Poked Kwame The Bear?

Let’s get this out the way first as I’ve heard more about Kwame Brown this week than I’ve heard my entire life. This can only and does only mean that Kwame is on some news breaking shit right now.

  • Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson both played in the NBA, now do a podcast called “All The Smoke” that you can find on YouTube.
  • They invited former Wizards star Gilbert Arenas on the podcast last week.
  • Gilbert, Stephen, and Matt talked about how Arenas brought the shitty Wizards to the playoffs.
  • This obviously would have sparked conversation about former Wizards first round pick and Michael Jordan’s prodigy, Kwame Brown.
  • All was good till Gilbert used the terms “man child” and “show pony” basically calling Kwame soft as bunny bread. Barnes and Jackson joined in on the fuckery and here we are.
All The Smoke
Gilbert Arenas Episode

But, nobody in the world knew that he was this comical. Did those fellas ever push the right buttons to give us 2021 Kwame.

I could watch these for days.

One thing I’ve analyzed, Kwame loves talking about Matt Barnes getting punked out at his own house. Saying he “jumped over his own fence” running from another man smushing his woman.


Initial Reaction

Initial Kwame Reaction to Pod.

Incredible entertainment.

This has been going on for a week.

Kwame has went back at:

  • Stephen A. Smith
  • Jemele Hill
  • Charlemagne

and bruh I never want this to end.

I’m crying laughing right now.

No clue where it goes.


Kwame Brown Bust Life (sub it)

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