NolaSportsHub’s Keys To The Contest: Divisional Round

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The time has come once again for the black and gold to suit up and take the field. This week is the Divisional Round against Tampa Bay and the Bucs. A trip to Lambeau and the NFC Championship is on the line. These are the Keys To The Contest.

Pressure Brady

The Saints’ first priority on defense needs to be to get pressure on Tom Brady. In both matchups this season, Brady was sacked three times. As a result of that pressure, Brady has thrown five of his twelve interceptions this season against the Saints. Hendrickson has been the biggest trouble maker for the Bucs, as he has three of the six sacks against Brady this season.

Take Care of The Ball

This has been a KTTC almost every week of the second half of the season. It is still a problem. We are still turning the ball over too much. Last week, turnovers kept the Bears in the game. If the Bears were a better offense, the hole might have been too deep to dig out of. It is a new week, with a new, more dangerous opponent. Take care of the ball.

Protect Drew

The Bucs are going to try to take a page out of the Saints’ playbook and make Drew’s potential final game a nightmare. They are going to bring the house when they can. If the o-line can handle that pressure and give Drew time, that will be huge. If not, the offense’s job gets a lot harder.

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So, if the Saints can get to Brady, take care of the ball, and protect Drew, they should have a good chance to advance from the Divisional Round and onto to Lambeau. Hold it.

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