NolaSportsHub’s Keys To The Contest: Week 11

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Week 11 is upon us, and it is rivalry week. The Dirty Birds are in town to take on the black and gold. Last week, one of our worst nightmares came true. The GOAT got injured. Sean Payton threw us a curve ball and gave Taysom the nod to start his first career game. We’ll get a glimpse, possibly into the future. For now, we need to focus on this week. These are the Keys To The Contest.

Run The Ball

As I mentioned, Taysom is starting his first career game today. I don’t care who you are, there are going to nerves in this situation. Sean Payton needs to come out and let Taysom settle in. This can be done by getting the offense rolling with an effective run game. The O-line will have to pull their weight obviously, but Taysom’s job gets a lot easier if we are running the rock effectively.

Secondary Needs To Show Up

After a horrible first few weeks, the secondary has locked it down and played well the past few weeks. We need that to continue this week against the Dirty Birds. If Julio is locked down, a large portion of the Atlanta offense is gone. At that point, we just need lock down their running game. This is not the week to get into a shootout.

Protect Taysom

The offensive line needs to have one of their best games of the season. From the few pass attempts we’ve seen from him, Taysom gets happy feet in the pocket. He’s quick to pull it down and run. That’s understandable because that’s what he’s best at. However, we need him to pace himself and throw in the pocket. He cannot afford to take 15-20 hits this week. After all, at least for the next few weeks, he’s not a gadget player anymore, he’s the starting QB.

So, if the Saints can run the Ball well, play well in the secondary, and protect Taysom in the pocket, we should have a good chance to get Taysom his first win as a starting QB in week 11! Hold it.

On a side note, let’s be praying for the greatest Saint to ever wear the black and gold. Prayers for a speedy recovery as he heals from a rough injury. We love ya, Drew.

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