NolaSportsHub’s Keys To The Contest: Week 15

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Week 15 is here. Last week‘s poor performance makes this game extremely important. Rather than being the first seed, we are now trying to keep pace with the Packers who have the first seed. Green Bay won last night, so this game is vital. These are the Keys To The Contest.

Start Fast

The Saints have been horrible out the gate this season. The past several weeks, they have had to punt on the first drive. A slow start against Philly caused us to fall behind 17-0. A slow start against KC could mean even worse. The guys need to come out and at the very least, hold the Chiefs to three points on their first drive. Drew and the offense need to put some points up. No punts on the first drive this week.

Protect Drew

Our Hall of Fame QB is back this week. Bad protection is what got Drew hurt in the first place. The man is coming off of a collapsed lung and 11 broken ribs. Please please do your job this week, O-line. Let the GOAT build momentum going into the playoffs.

Limit the KC Offense

It is impossible to stop KC’s offense. Patrick Mahomes, Kelce, Hill etc. are too good to completely shut down. However, they can be limited. The secondary cannot allow any explosive plays with Hill. Putting pressure on Mahomes can disrupt his flow. To beat KC, you need to hold them to 21-27 points. Anything above that, will be a difficult task because their defense is solid as well.

So, if the boys can start fast, protect Drew, and keep KC’s fire power to a minimum, they have every chance to win in week 15. Hold it.

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