NolaSportsHub’s Keys To The Contest: Week 16

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Merry Christmas, Whodat Nation! The black and gold are currently on a two game losing skid, however they’ve got a chance in prime time to get back on track. In a rare Week 16 Christmas Day game, the Vikings are in town. A win clinches the NFC South and knocks Minnesota out of playoff contention. These are the Keys To The Contest.

Start Fast

The Saints have been horrible at starting games this season. The first drive has resulted in a punt for a majority of the games this season. Last week, we found ourselves down 14 to the defending champs. No surprise, that game ended up being a loss. The boys need to come out of the first drive and put a touchdown on the board. No questions asked.

First drive was a punt and this was the second drive. Not going to cut it.

Avoid Simple Mistakes

For weeks now, avoidable errors have cost the Saints. Whether that be turnovers, or not recovering a fumble for a touchdown and getting a safety instead. It is time to stop making simple mistakes. Turnovers and missed chances are not going to fly in the playoffs nor will they fly today against Minnesota.

Protect Drew

When Drew has time to dissect the defense, the opposition has no chance. It just comes down to if the O-line will give him enough time. Also the every receiver was below the league average for separation created on routes run last week. Solid O-line play will give the receivers time to create separation. As they say, the game is won in the trenches.

So, if the Saints can start fast, limit avoidable mistakes, and protect Drew, week 16 should be a great Christmas for the Whodat Nation!

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