NolaSportsHub’s Keys To The Contest: Wild Card

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The regular season is over, and the playoffs are here. We have suffered too much heart break the past couple of seasons to take a game for granted. The Chicago Bears are in town for the Wild Card round and to try to pull off an upset and end our season. We cannot let that happen. These are the Keys To The Contest.

Make Trubisky Pass

Mitch Trubisky has been decent for the Bears since getting his starting job back. However, we need to take away his crutch. Trubisky has relied on a good run game to keep the defense on their toes. It will be important that we take away the run game and make the Bears a one dimensional team.

Run The Ball Early And Often

It is going to be classic playoff football this afternoon. That means we need to run the ball. The last time we saw AK41, he had six touchdowns. He should be fresh and ready to go, so let’s work him. We need to get him plenty of touches in the running game so we can open up the passing game for Drew.

Take Care Of The Ball

We have the better team. There is no doubt about that. We have the better offense. The Bears will pick up momentum, if we shoot ourselves in the foot and give them extra chances. If the Saints can make it out of this game with zero turnovers, it will be very difficult for Chicago to win.

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If the black and gold can make the Bears a one dimensional offense, run the ball well, and take care of the ball, they should be able to advance the from the Wild Card and book a date with Tampa next week. Hold it.

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