November To Remember In New Orleans

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Can't forget about November 2020 in New Orleans.

As I sit here cussing out Cox Communications, one can only think of the shit that has occurred during this November to remember. Not the same type of memory locals are use to in November.

Six years ago in November.

Nice to have the creation of blogs available. Grateful for that undoubtedly as I’ll spend the next few days swinging dicks with Cox in hopes for an impactful change. Currently…

My call to Cox in April, same issues.

So, after 146 episodes of blood, sweat, and tears… I’m finally halted for a short period of time. Not really…

Can’t ban the mayo man.

One Sits, One Shipped

In a tragic and sorrow turn of events, Drew Brees broke a few ribs and punctured a lung this past week.

Enter Jameis Winston.
1 year ago I was making fun of his game in Tampa.

To double up on that impact, the inevitable happened with Jrue Holiday. Prolly the kindest soul in New Orleans and one that the fans just adored, has been traded to Milwaukee.

Craig seem to be the only one living good.

Pelicans now have a million first round picks. No need to decipher what they will mean and how they will go right now. The Saints have Jameis Winston in the kitchen reading cook books to make like 5 or 6 plates of W’s in New Orleans. Saints will prevail on the upcoming Lord’s Days. Ya can book that up like a spot at the buffet.

The Lord’s Day
49ers vs. Saints

Mayo Spreads

Back to back solid showings for Mayo Spreads has kept my vibes in tact while getting my balls grabbed in every direction.

November To Remember

Two weekends ago Mayo Spreads went 6/7 in college football picks. This past Lord’s Day Mayo Spreads laid down a flawless victory.

The First Mayo Spreads Tournament starts this week. Free Mayo on the line and the legacy of the first ever mayo spreads champ. Gotta beat mayo though…

Tradition Reaches 27

The 27th location in a row for RB&R Day went down yesterday at Guy’s Poboys on Magazine.

Podna, we practicing this tradition.

It correlates to what people want and how long they willing to stand by it through trials and tribz.

RB&R Day 27
Greatest Tradition In The World

Free Mouth Friday

The 20th night of Free Mouth Friday is this Friday at 10:00 in the jar. It’ll be HTM Undressed 149 and a significant night for all of the fellas who have participated throughout the journey. Nobody knew this would be the most entertaining show of the week, but honestly name a better Facebook live stream locally on Friday. I’ll wait like fuck…

HTM Undressed 145
Reaper vs. Lionel

Last weeks champ, The Reaper. (5x FMF champ)

Whoever wins this week will get a $20 gift card to our cloud blowing friends at Big Chief Vapor.

  • Also, anyone who goes to Big Chief from today till Friday the 27th will get 20% off just by saying “Free Mouth Friday” to the folks at BCV when ya get there.

If ya name just three car radio tunes in a row, you’ll get a whole ass free combo from Ben’s Burgers.

November To Remember In New Orleans.


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