One Night Only, Free Mouth Friday Returns To SpreadQuarters

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HTM 200

After a several month hiatus, Free Mouth Friday returns for one November night only on the Friday the 12th in SpreadQuarters. Once a staple in the mayo show lineup, FMF has been a distant memory filled with space cadets and drunk local rappers.

Free Mouth Friday Returns

Fellas like Tootie Griffin, The Reaper and The 360 Home Inspector were born through Free Mouth Friday and it’s brief success. I’m expecting all three to accept the invitation.

Free Mouth Friday Returns
November 12th, 2021

All Parish’s Welcomed

Whether ya from the Westbank, Chalmette, New Orleans, The Northshore, Baton Rouge, Hammond or wherever ya call home. I’m encouraging ya to get loaded as a ham sandwich and call the mayo hotline on Friday night. Maybe ya think ya should’ve been a paid rapper a long time ago, call this hotline and you can shine in front of the common folks. The most local of spotlights.

Even Indiana?

Yeah, even Indiana got a guy. If this mothafucka shows up it will be tough for anyone to keep the FMF title in-state after the show is over. Btw, yes Ima give the winner the FMF Title Chain to keep since this show may not ever happen again. Lots on the line come November 12th.

Young Larry Hoosier
HTM 212

National Anthem

We will honor America with the National Anthem sang by our own Craig Granger whom has plenty success in the past with his chords.

Subscribe to HTM Undressed on Apple & Spotify incase ya not able to watch the show on Facebook live next Friday night.

latest HTM theory
Van Gundy/Zion eating

Working on getting something done w/ YouTube.

No promises.


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