Oscar De La Hoya Was Loaded As A Dump Truck On Saturday

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Oscar De Le Hoya Was Loaded As A Ham Sandwich

Not a soul on the planet could have stopped Oscar De La Hoya this past Saturday night as the Golden Boy was on one during the Jake Paul/Ben Askren fight. If ya been living under a big coke rock, Oscar likes to party. The nail in the cocaine coffin had to be this a few years back.

Hall of Fame Boxing Legend
Oscar De La Hoya

On Saturday night the viewers more than zeroed in on De Le Hoya as my boy was fucking tooted and booted up at ringside! HAHA

I’m fucking joked out.

De La Hoya goes on to give the fans some expectations for his upcoming fight in which he will pick one lucky opponent. If I’m a boxer worth a shit, I’m praying Oscar calls my fucking line so I can knock the dust outta his nose for a zillion dollars.

Just being honest.

Fight till the end, bleed till the end, go down till the end.

Even went full advocate mode for Iron Mike Tyson. Thanking Mike for inspiring him to fight again after being retired for 14 years.

Dana White

Uncle Dana put the top-rope finishing move on the Golden Boy later that night. It’s like the entire world has a story on this shit.

I gotta believe Mark here.

Either way, it seems Oscar’s next fight won’t be the one he was dreaming of this upcoming June. If it does happen, I’m tuning the fuck in.

Make sure ya even got a chance to tune in to Oscar’s Summer fight by snagging a generator from Craig’s Electrical like right now. Either that, or ya gonna be sitting in the dark talking to ya self like Oscar De La Hoya. The choice is ya’s, but I’d for sure make the call. Protect ya house.



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