Paul Blart From Mall Cop Will Play Sean Payton In Upcoming Film

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Kevin James Plays Sean Payton

You mean to tell me that Larry Valentine will play Sean Payton in the upcoming film “Home Team” on Netflix? Seems as if this may be the biggest fucking upgrade we’ve ever seen in the history of film-making.

Never Thought I’d Witness Kevin James Play Sean Payton

Subtle Sean Payton Plot Flex

HAHA, wait. This entire film is based on the real life story of Sean Payton running the most elite fucking pop warner offense in 2012. Here is the good part, supposedly Happy Madison is the production company. Which clearly means Adam Sandler is involved in this somehow. Also, Peter King has already stated that Payton read the script and made some corrections. Very Sean Payton move to revise a few things and get it right.

However, One can only imagine how Payton feels about Kevin James getting this role.

pussy dirt birds.

Only time will tell if this is as much of a tragedy as it sounds.

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