Paul Pierce Is NOT Sorry For Posting A Stripper Fest On IG, The Truth

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Paul Pierce Not Sorry For IG Incident

Never forget earlier this year when Paul Pierce was getting loaded as a ham sandwich conducting a full blown stripper fest on IG live. Paul Pierce has taken some incredible shots in his career, but that incident in April was one that will carry a legacy strong as garlic.

“MONICA, come through!”

Recently, Pierce was asked about his night and eventual departure from ESPN.

Paul Pierce Stripper Response


Name: Paul Pierce


The Truth

Dude has a point. There is OBVIOUSLY tons of former/current coke heads in the H.O.F. and Paul having a stripper party was honestly not that out of line for a retired/divorced NBA star. Essentially, he’s just saying the truth is that he got that fucking loaded where he went live on IG escaping the reality that millions would see him cutting the fuck up in a booty bouncing atmosphere. Just living a bit.

IG Live is never tempting to me drunk,

Pierce was on another level.

ESPN immediately parts ways.

Basically, Paul is saying fuck working at ESPN. It’s bout as fun as working at Baskin Robins, managed by Lebron James. I bet all those chip eating, booty grabbing, Disney mothafucka’s that he was with that night turned out alright. He’s moving on to bigger and better things like making a podcast with Kevin Garnett. Fuck talking about Lebron all day.

Pierce gave his soul in this SI interview.

Legend, Regardless

Truth should also know that IG content will be praised forever in a social media world that appreciates a man of his stature going live with ass cheeks as a background. Can’t disrespect his legacy on court either.

The Truth was a force.

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