Paul Pierce Was Loaded Like A Ham Sandwich On Insta Last Night

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Paul Pierce was loaded as a ham sandwich

Last night Paul Pierce was knocking down shots and taking charges to the game via Instagram live. Versatile, ya can make some money with Paul in this mind state and that is somewhat assuring. Ask Monica…


Someone get Paul, Tyler, Patrick, Christopher, and Tom some more fucking chips please! Like, who the fuck is he chilling with and where?! This must be what working for Disney looks like past 6 pm.


Nah, Paul def called Capital One this morning.

Or, Whoever Pierce banks with right now. Sources say Pierce woke up down $100,000 fucking dollars and several important voicemails from Human Resources at ESPN.

still the greatest fucking denial clip ever.

This a fucked up music video Paul didn’t even expect to make. I’m dead ass surprised to not see Lamar Odom somewhere in this footage.

Paulie Sheen

The truth never went down so smooth.

That man so busted in that video above on that truth syrup that he don’t even believe his own “come thru” lines. HAHA!

“Monica you should be here, ya can make some money girl. Monica, what you doing? If ya in LA come through!”

I’m most certainly listening to bad and boujie while I type this one up. Paul Pierce has to be DYING right now. Regardless, this is how a 43 year old retired NBA player makes a big impact on social media.

Pierce currently does NBA analysis on some ESPN programs. One can only imagine what it will look like Monday morning at corporate.

Paul has certainly spoken with his lawyers.

Only up from here for Paul…that is because he will seek the proper advice on how to handle such a shit show. If ya step in a large pile of fuckery? Call my good friends at Domingue Law Firm to start the process of healing. Everybody goes Paul Pierce at least once in their lives.

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