Peter Needs To Level The Playing Field

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Bachelor Football

Peter Is Taking The Girls Where?

SURPRISE!!! It’s time to pack your bags, girls! Peter is taking yall to….Cleveland, Ohio. Not one single girl is excited, and quite frankly, the only good thing Peter has to say about Cleveland is that Superman was born there.  Victoria F.  gets the first one on one date, and we all know where this is headed! Last week’s preview gave us a sneak peek and showed that Victoria F.’s one on one hits a major speedbump when her ex-boyfriend crashes her and Peter’s date. 

Victoria F. With her former Beau, Chase Rice

Let’s Cut To The Chase

Victoria F. dramatically flips her shit, thinking she has to go skydiving when she is brought to an airport to meet Peter. *eyeroll* Instead, Peter takes her on a flight to Cedear Point Theme Park, where again we have to listen to Victoria freak out about going on rides. Like, calm down, child. It’s not like he is going to put you in danger! He is just setting the mood to take you to see your ex-boyfriend. Poor Peter, he’s so excited to surprise his date with a Chase Rice concert. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Chase Rice and Victoria F. dated prior to her coming on the show. When Chase and Victoria see each other, they both are in shock, and Peter is so oblivious…sort of like Luke Parker was when he was sleeping with Hannah Brown in that windmill.

Is there anything more awkward than dancing with your new boyfriend to a song your ex-boyfriend is singing? YES! Yes, there is, its Peter’s dancing. Poor Peter is so out of the loop when he is talking with Chase Rice after the concert. He has no idea that Victoria F. used to date the man he is spilling his experience with. Victoria F. tells a producer that Chase did not want her to go on the show, which makes me wonder how long these two were apart before she told Peter her sense of humor was the only dry thing about her. Victoria then talks with Chase, and you could tell that he had some things he wanted to say, but refrained, what a gentleman! I wish he would have put her ass on blast to Peter.

Peter Just Can’t Grasp Whats Happening

When Victoria comes clean about her relationship with Chase Rice, Peter is caught so off guard. He literally asks her in about 9447 different ways if she is talking about the guy that just sang to them — Poor Peter, so oblivious.  Victoria F. runs off to cry over the matter… it’s important to note that she did not plan on telling Peter about dating Chase Rice, but now she felt like she had no choice since they made out to her ex-boyfriend singing to them. Peter foolishly gives her a rose. I am NOT a fan of this girl; she is shady and entierly too dramatic for me to stomach. 

It’s Time For Kickoff

The group date of 13 ladies takes place at the home of the Cleveland Brown’s. My girl Mykenna is on this date, and she is not athletic at all, bless it. Victoria P. decides she is going to sit on the sidelines on the game since her back hurts from their flight school date. She gets extra time with Peter by doing this…because once again, THERE ARE NO RULES in Bachelor Nation. Kelley steps up as a quarterback,  with Hannah Ann as her leading receiver.

Peter tells the girls that they will play in “The Bachelor Bowl” to get more time with him. We have “The Eliminators” vs “The Killer Bees”. After the final whistle blows, the game ends in a tie, so everyone gets to go to the cocktail party in true millennial fashion. The ladies on this one on one date have no freaking idea that Alyaha is about to ruin their night. 

The Eliminators VS The Killer Bees

She’s Baaaaaaaaack!

The drinks have not even poured when Alayah walks into the cocktail party and shocks all the ladies…and Peter. So far, only Victoria P. and Shiann have spoken with Peter. If Mykenna does not get time with Peter again this week, I might lose my shit! At first, it seems like Alayah is coming only to clear the air, but as the conversation progresses, she throws Victoria P. so far under the bus, we may never see her again. Just kidding, Peter immediately goes to Victoria P. to get her side of the story on if they were friends before the show, or not. Peter decides to have Victoria P. and Alaya talk it out…clearly, Peter is worried about ladies keeping their friendships rather than finding love. 

Someone Is Being Shady

Peter starts to lose his mind because the girl he was so sure about, Victoria P. , has been shady throughout all of the Alayah drama, and it is all coming out. In my opinion, the two girls not only knew each other but had a close friendship before the show started to film. Victoria P., of course, must deny this since she jumped on the anti- Alayah train last week. I mean, really, what does Alayah have to lose or gain by telling the truth? It’s not like she has a rose on the line, Peter already sent her packing last week!

That is until Peter invites her back into the house AND gives her the group date rose. The girls are pissed, I mean they are livid at Peter for this decision.  Since Alayah was home and had access to the internet, she has been reading details about what when on while she was gone. She spills the beans to Mykenna and Hannah Ann that Victoria F. was dating Chase Rice.  She tells them that the internet knows everything….*more drama is brewing*. Side note: Mykenna was robbed of time with Peter again. 

Enough Is Enough!

I love the drama that producers bring to this show. I thrive on it and look forward to it every week; however, its time to let it all go. At what point will we get to see Peter actually be The Bachelor and find love? So far, all we have watched him do is officiate his parent’s vow renewal and countless catfights. It’s time to ditch the drama, producers! How about we get some dates where we can see Peter make connections with these ladies WITHOUT their ex-boyfriends being there. 

I don’t even see Peter ending this journey with an engagement right now; after four weeks, there is only one girl I think he has a connection with, and that is Madison. Yes, I have my favorites (shoutout Mykenna), but in no way do any of these girls, aside from Madison (and maybe Kelley)  have a spark with him that could lead to a forever. Perhaps they need a windmill because that’s the only reason he had a spark with Hannah Brown, and cleary it wasn’t enough.

Poor Peter

Champagne Girl Gets A Date

Kelsey, you know, the girl who had champagne explode in her face, gets a one on one date. We are forced, AGAIN, to watch Peter show off his dancing skills. I mean, has he already signed his contract with Dancing With The Stars? That show should have more than enough clips to make a 15-minute intro for him to explain why he wants to win that mirror ball trophy!

Kelsey opens up to Peter about her parent’s divorce and how that shaped her into the woman she is today. Kelsey brings Peter to tears with her story. They bond over her mom becoming a single mother, and Peter’s cuban family fighting to make it in America, and THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! A flipping spark is going off between Kelsey and Peter. Literally, there are sparks…the fireworks go off to end their one on one date. Kelsey gets a rose from Peter, and I am here for it!!!!!!

Kelsey and Peter on their one on one date in Cleveland, Ohio

This Is About Peter, Right?

At the hotel, the girls are chirping about the beans Alayah spilled. Victoria F. decides to go approach Alayah and why she told everyone her ex-boyfriend was on her date with her new boyfriend. Victoria F. is aggressive as all get out while talking with Alayah. I feel bad for Alayah, these girls are after her! Last week I got where they were coming from (editing is everything). This week though, I am starting to think they were just bored and jumped on Sydneys bandwagon. 

It’s time for the cocktail party, and before the corks are even popped, the girls lose their shit ON PETER. These ladies have guts to tell Peter that he had no right to give Alayah the group date rose. Do these girls not know that THERE ARE NO RULES?!? Peter claps back at them and tells him that he was influenced not to give Alayah a rose last week. WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE TO ALL THE LADIES WHO TALKED SMACK ABOUT ALAYAH. 

Peter Needs A Reset Button!

Victoria P. acts like my almost 4-year-old does when he doesn’t get his way. I cannot believe that Peter did not send her packing right then and there. Victoria P. gave Peter a piece of her southern mind before bringing Victoria F. into their converation and encourages him to speak with her. When he does, he finds out that Alayah told all the girls about her past relationship with Chase Rice. Along comes Sydney to finish bashing Alayah. AGAIN, WHEN WILL GET TO SEE PETER FALL IN LOVE? I am starting to lose hope.

Alayah gets to sit down with Peter after all the other ladies roast him for having her rejoin the house. Peter is torn on what to do. He says he is worried that all the ladies are going to walk out of the house. Well, Peter, they kind of need to so we can start your season over because honey, it needs it. This season is an absolute trainwreck amid all the drama. Tyler would have never allowed his ladies to act like this. 

Peter needs a reset button on his train wreck of a season!

P.S., I Am Pissed!

Next week, we will be tortured again with more drama by the looks of the preview. I don’t even think I can compile a list of favorites this week because any connection that is being made is getting zero air time. Does ABC realize this is a show about finding love and not a show about 25 ladies picked to live in a house to see what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real? 

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