Pillow Fights, A Pool Party, And Panic Attacks

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Pillow Fighting

The Bachelor Episode Three Recap

Whoa! What an episode! It is the last week before Peter takes the girl’s jet setting was full of drama! There were pillow fights, there was a pool party, and there were panic attacks!

Line Dancin’ into Peters Heart

Peter takes Victoria Paul to his hometown to go line dancing, which Peter claims he does all the time with his friends in his real life. First off, I see you, ABC, gearing up The Bachelor for your next season of Dancing With The Stars! Second, there is no way Peter does this on the reg, the walls in my living room have more rhythm than he does. Peter takes Victoria to a western store so she can get a new outfit because apparently, she doesn’t come across as the country in her black bodysuit and ripped jeans.

Now that she is fringed out and sporting her new boots and hat, they hit the dance floor. Victoria, of course, is giddy and Peter thinks the date couldn’t be going any better as they boot, scoot, and boogie the afternoon away. Victoria opens up about her very emotional past. She lets Peter in on her father’s death, her mother’s drug addiction, and how she lived in and out of homeless shelters growing up. Peter gives Victoria a rose after getting to know her heart, I mean he would be a jerk if he didn’t keep her around after that!

The end to #ChampangeGate

Hannah Ann and Kelsey FINALLY talk to each other about the events that happened after #ChampagneGate. Kelsey immediately tells Hannah Ann that she will not tolerate being called a bully; Hannah Ann quickly reminds her of how she treated when she “stole” her champagne. Hannah Ann is trying to get through to Kelsey and apologize, but they keep going around in circles. At the mansion, girls start to express their frustration over the Champagne drama and how they wish it would end.

Obviously, this is setting the stage for even more drama! Alayah, who has been drinking, starts to get on the other women’s nerves as a date card arrives. I will say, she is slightly obnoxious and a bit rude, but editing is everything. Sydney is less than thrilled that she must go on a group date with Alayah. Que the catfight, I mean pillow fight!!

Pillow Fighting for Peters Heart

The self-proclaimed “Queer Queen” and the “Queen of Bachelor Nation,” Demi, arrives at the mansion with two rather scary women, named “Killer” and “Champagne” who look like they participate in roller derby three, no, four times a week. Peter takes the ladies to a saloon where they will compete in a good old fashioned pillow fight.

Did I mention that Demi has dressed the girls in lingerie? Of course, Alayah and Sydney face off in pillow fight inside of a boxing ring. So predictable!!!! Alayah emerges victorious, and just like that, a new bad girl is competing for Peters’s heart!

Alayah immediately takes Peter aside during the cocktail portion of the group date. Sydney expresses her anger towards Alayah during her diary session saying how she believes Alayah to be calculated and that she turns on for the cameras.

Alayah vs Sydney

Sydney is not a fan, and the more Alayah talks about herself to Peter, the more I want to vomit. Her baby voice she turns on when she talks has me feeling like throwing a brick at my TV. Sydney calls Alayah out; she tells her how hard it must be to let someone know who she is since everything she says is so rehearsed. Sydney breaks my cardinal rule…using your alone time with The Bachelor/ette to expose other contestants.

Sydney, are you there to be proposed to with a one of a kind Neil Lane diamond ring? Or are you there to call other bitches out and stir the pot? Regardless, Sydney and Alayah are solidifying their spots on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise for sure!

Pilot Pete Callout

On the heels of Sydney and Peters’s conversation, my man Peter calls out Sydney in front of the other women and forces her to call out Alayah. YOU GO PETER, LET THOSE BITCHES KNOW YOU ARE NOT HERE FOR THE DRAMA! Alayah asks if any other lady feels the same way and not a single soul speaks out. This sparks Alayah to have a pity party; she goes and cries to Peter and assures him that she is not fake or calculated. This storyline is just unraveling. 

In the end, Peter decides to give his group date rose to Sydney, which I do not get AT ALL! They didn’t even have a conversation that led to getting to know each other…they had a conversation about why Sydney hates Alayah. Did Peter just forget that Kelley was on that date? Or maybe he forgot that she affectionally told him to lose his beard and just keep some scruff? Did he just forget the freaking spark that they have? If I oversaw giving out roses, Kelley would’ve gotten a whole damn garden. Did I mention that she is a front runner of mine?

Pool Party AKA “The Alayah Bash Fest”

Chris Harrison tells the ladies that there will not be a cocktail party tonight, instead, there will be a pool party with Peter. Woohoo!  Peter arrives at the mansion and sets these bitches straight right away; he expresses that he isn’t there to mess around. He immediately takes Sydney outside and almost confides in her regarding the events that happened the night before AKA puts her in the friend zone, IMO. Just about every girl decides to rally around Sydney and express to Peter that Alayah is fake and turns it on for the cameras. Where were these girls last night when Alayah asked if anyone shared in Sydney’s frustration?

Peter’s head is clearly spinning between girls telling him that Alayah is fake, and Alayah telling Peter that she is genuine and real. Peter decides to ask one more person their thoughts on Alayah. He pulls Victoria P. aside, and coincidentally, she tells Peter that she knows Alayah outside of the show by way of the pageant world (little Deja vu, remember Caelynn and Hannah Brown on Colton’s season?) Victoria P. tells Peter that Alayah asked her to keep their friendship a secret from producers; she also says Alayah is not the one for him. Peter then pulls Alayah aside and calls her bluff, he even tells her that she is not sounding genuine before leaving the pool party. Side note: not one soul has gotten into the pool during this party, and my girl Mykenna didn’t get to talk to the pilot.

Panic Attacks

It’s time for the rose ceremony, each girl is shaking in their heels, except for Victoria P. Sydney, and Victoria F., who all have roses. Almost immediately, all of my favorites get roses, except for Mykenna. I am worried for my girl; she didn’t get any alone time with Peter at the “pool” party. There are two roses left, and Peter leaves the ladies to go talk to Chris Harrison… that’s never good, but you know what I say: THERE ARE NO RULES IN THE BACHELOR WORLD! Peter tells Chris he doesn’t want to regret sending this person home and that he is torn, but when Peter returns to the ladies with Chris, Chris takes a rose away. There is now one rose left for Peter to give.

You know, it’s almost like the producers knew Mykenna was worried that she wouldn’t be getting a rose and in turn, they tell Peter to save the best for last. Mykenna gets a rose! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Alayah and three other ladies are sent packing. Peter confides to a producer that he doesn’t think he made the right choice in sending Alayah home. When asked why he did it, he admits he just got wrapped up in everything the other women were telling him. Obviously seeing Alayah walk away in that black jumpsuit has Peter feeling some kind of way!

The Devil Works Hard, But The Bachelor Producers Work Harder

Next week, Peter takes the ladies to Cleveland, and guess what? Alayah is baaaaaaack! Next week looks to be filled with more Alayah drama. *eye roll* Maybe I was wrong about her solidifying her spot in Paradise! At the rate, she may become Nick 2.0 and be our next Bachelorette. In the preview, we also see Victoria F. getting a one on one date. Her ex-boyfriend, who just so happens to be Chase Rice, shows up to serenade the couple. WELL PLAYED, PRODUCERS, WELL PLAYED!!!!!!!!! There are like 15 girls left and she gets this date…. Man, I love this show.

My top 5 going into next week are Madison, Hannah Ann, Kelley, Victoria P., and Mykenna. For those of you keeping track, I gave Lexi the boot. And no, I am not keeping Mykenna in my top just because she is my favorite… don’t forget the steamy one on one time they had during the group date last week!

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