Playstation One Turns 26 Years Old, These Games Left A Legacy

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Playstation One Turns 25 Years Old

The sound I haven’t heard in so long is still forever engraved in my head as Playstation One turns 26 today. That infamous fucking Playstation sound brings back memories growing up, while Playstation was growing up too. I say it all the time in conversation, people my age grew up during the most revolutionary time for gaming. Nobody can take that away from us.

The Evolution

Twisted Metal (Playstation One)
Playstation One Turns 26 Years Old
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All grew right before our living eyes. It isn’t just 26 years since the Playstation first came out, It’s 26 years of fucking evolving.

I remember the Z car in GTA lol

Haven’t personally played Playstation since the early 2000’s, but there is no XBOX (my now favorite) without Playstation taking over first. Not to mention, I couldn’t fathom a world without Playstation having a competitor in Xbox. But, none of that matters today. Let’s celebrate Playstation’s run with some of the most iconic games from that time on that first breakthrough console.

The Memories

An entire earth long list could be made of what games this console left engraved in our brains, but only a few can be named today in this blog. Beautiful thing about playing vidz is everybody has different taste in what they like to play, but ya gotta be a stone cold weirdo to not appreciate the following bangers from Playstation One.

Twisted Metal


Sweet Tooth, Thumper, Road Kill, Outlaw, you fucking name it. The greatest set of bandit characters I’ve ever witnessed. There is a reason why this game has not been made since 2012. (which everything after TMBlack sucked) The reason is that this game was made for it’s time, the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It had the most incredible and memorable run. No need to ever try and re-make that for some kids who don’t even get it.

Spyro The Dragon

Maybe folks wouldn’t have expected me to mention Spyro so soon, but the respect is more than earned. What a fucking dragon game we had in Spyro The Friendly Dragon. The greatest dragon game of all-time in my opinion as you couldn’t pay me in this flesh to sit down and fly a purple dragon all over some sissy magic land today. That can only mean that Spyro was another game that was perfect for it’s time and SOLD millions of kids like me a dream that we could one day be friends with a flying purple dragon.

Tekken (The First 3)

the most loved and hated character.

First person I think of when I think Tekken is fucking Eddy and the dude who looked just like Bruce Lee but was called Law or some shit. Regardless, there is mothafucka’s still playing this fucking game. Taking it serious as we did in the 90’s. The first three in the Tekken series were unforgettable and elite when it came to combat tournament games to play against whatever asshole was at ya house. Everybody had a character and every loser got pissed as fuck.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Enjoy this.

Now, I played this on Nintendo 64 the most, but certainly put in some time via Playstation on maybe the greatest childhood game ever. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 is worth starting life over to play again. The vibe from that game is somewhere lost in the good times. Hawk made a zillion dollars and just more money in general from this video game than from anything else in his immaculate career. Worthy of every never ending memory it left us with.

WWF Smackdown


NOT EVERYBODY was able to get over themselves to play this, but the ones who did know that it doesn’t get better than WWF Smackdown on Playstation growing up. It was everything we wanted out of a wrestling video game during a time where WWF was on top of the world. Nobody had camera phones, social media, and all this other shit. WWF was genuinely loved by the common man and woman of all ages. This game was on my Christmas list, Smackdown 1 and 2 to be exact. Made by the greatest wrestling game creators ever in THQ and Yukes!

More To Remember

Not gonna list em all, but…

  • Syphon Filter
    • an awesome fucking game.
  • Obviously, Crash Bandicoot.
    • essential for the start of Playstation.
  • Grand Theft Auto 1 & 2
    • More so a PC game for me during late 90’s.
GTA 2 on PS1
  • NFL Gameday
    • IDK why, but I played this and Madden.
  • Frogger

And many fucking more, but that’s me.

Thanks for the fucking memories Playstation.

Playstation One 26 Years Ago

We do not forget.

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