Plug and Play Guys: Fantasy Football Week 15

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Plug and Play guys.

Plug and play guys, win you games. Win the match-up, win the week, go to the Championship!

There’s always a few plug and play guys sitting somewhere on a bench or waivers. But in the fantasy football world, they are called STREAMERS. For some of them injuries and match-ups have made them a must start for the fantasy football semi-finals. So, below I’ll name a few that will lead you to your league’s championship.

I ended the waiver wire with defenses that were likely on waivers but playable this week. So, that’s right where I’ll pick up today, followed by some guys I think could be league winners… My plug and play guys.

Bucs— Yesterday I mentioned that if you were about to pick them up, they were a must start against the piss poor Lions. And, I stand behind that! They have the league’s best run defense. They have 5+ sacks in two of the last three games. And, the Lions’ quarterback has about as much NFL experience as I do.

Seahawks— The Panthers’ back-up quarterback started off so hot they have put Cam on the block. But what many don’t realize is he has SUCKED lately. They are a dart throw in hopes Kyle Allen does what he’s been doing.

Tight Ends: Fantasy Football’s most top-heavy position.

David Njoku, Browns— Everyone who has watched a game of football knows that Arizona could cover a tight end with your grandma’s favorite quilt. And, they have given up nearly 20 points a game to the position, that’s way more than any other team. With the news of OBJ’s hernia I believe they will be cautious, meaning more targets for Njoku.

Mike Gesicki, Dolphins— Though he’s no Ertz, you had to notice tight ends seemed to be open all game long against the Giants. But last week he ran the second most routes on the team. And, now with DVP likely to be a game time decision I think Gesicki is a volume play.

Receivers: The most injured position last week.

Marcus Johnson, Colts— He’s one of the only receivers not on IR for the Colts. With Pascal likely drawing the Saints’ best coverage corner, you can only assume Johnson will be left with Eli Apple in coverage. That alone could get you to the championship.

Anthony Miller, Bears— He must be owned in most leagues by now, right? Nope. People are stupid. The dude has over 9 targets a game for over a month… He’s averaging nearly 100 yards a game. And, as bad as Mitch sucks, trust goes a long way. He’s another volume play that will pay dividends.

Running Backs: The position where opportunity is worth more than skill. For instance, look at what Washington did last week with his first start.

DeAndre Washington, Raiders— Do NOT play him if Jacobs were to start this weekend. The risk and reward just isn’t there when you have a championship on the line. However, the word on the street is Jacobs will miss this game. Please, follow elvinryan_HTM on Twitter for the latest on his status. If he were to miss, I could see Washington having another 20-point game in PPR leagues. He ran 18 routes last week.

Patrick Laird, Dolphins— My add of the week! In conclusion, it’s all about the volume. We all saw what Boston Scott was able to do against the Giants, right? Laird is the same kind of running back. For instance, he’s a pass catching back, with tons of opportunity. Above all, he was on the field the fourth most of all NFL backs last week.

Quarterbacks: The guys who don’t get as much love in fantasy as they should.

Gardner Minshew, Jaguars— “He’s back, baby!”. But that’s the last thing my fiancée ever wants to hear regarding him. And, as much as she loves me, she hated the mustache I had earlier this year! But Chark will be out so this one is one I’m not as excited as I would have been. Though you should know the Dolphins allow the second most points per drive in the NFL. So, the ‘Minshew Mania’ should be able to win you your game.

Ryan Tannehill, Titans— He’s elite. There I said it. My buddy loves the Dolphins but I’m pretty sure his man crush for Ryan runs deeper. And, since taking over the starting job he is averaging 22 PPG in fantasy football. Which puts him only behind my guy, Lamar. In addition, the Texans were shredded by subpar Lock last week. So, I’ll let your imagination run wild. What do you think Tannehill is about to do to them?

Also, it’s my birthday! So, as your present feel free to share this and follow me on Twitter at! And, best of luck this week. Hopefully you use one or two of my plug and play guys. As a result, I’ll see you in the Championship!

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