Power Bars Vol. 6- CRUNK JUICE

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Lil Jon Crunk Juice

Listen, we went through a TON today with this PS5 Launch bullshit. After beating my head against a wall for 4 rounds of Walmart orders, I needed to blow off some steam. I know we usually talk lyricists on Power Bars. But today, a 40oz of CRUNK JUICE was exactly what the doctor ordered! SO WHAT YOU GON DO?!

Crunk Juice Album Was Top Crunk Music Album Of All Time

I’ll fight you over this statement. This fucking album had it all. Lil’ Jon, Scrappy, Luda, Usher, E-40, Ice Cube, Nas, T.I. you fucking name it. This album could be played in it’s entirety whether you were at your local sock hop or The Frat House. You know what else what phenomenal about this album? 19 fucking songs. All bangers that got you through every emotion one could run through in any given period of their lives.

Going through some rough times wit ya girl? Lover’s And Friends

Hanging out with ya crew of diverse individuals? Real N**** Roll Call

Need fight music? Stop Fuckin’ Wit Me

I could go on, but you get the fucking point.

What Other Album Do You Know That Had It’s Own Drink?

I think we forget that Crunk Juice was more than just an album. Lil’ Jon legit came out with a REAL Crunk Juice alcoholic energy drink. Because that doesn’t sound like it’ll kill ya. Personally, never had it so I can’t say anything good or bad. But thankfully we can head over to the twittersphere for some input.

Gonna have to take A$H’s word for this one

The only thing that can make vibin’ out to Crunk Juice Power Bars even better…..is calling our friend over at Big Chief FIRST. Get your happy ass in the car, drive to Chalmette, tell em you’re a holder and he’ll take care of ya. Tell us you went to see him and we’ll throw some merch at ya! HOLD IT.

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