Power Bars Volume 1: Blind Fury

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Blind Fury Freestyles

What are Power Bars?  No, I’m not talking about the gluten free nutrition bar with 20g of protein and 4g of fiber.  I’m talking about BARS.  Freestyles.  Poetry.  Chords.  In short, I’m talking about FMF, mother fucker!  Today marks 14 illustrious weeks of Power Bars being broadcasted via FMF for your entertainment on HTM Undressed.  You already know the deal….this is where bars from the likes of self-proclaimed artists, poets, writers, and freestylers have been heard nation-wide via a special technology known as SpreadQuarters Soundwaves (SQS, of course.) But if you REALLY wanna know what Power Bars sound like…look no further than Blind Fury!!

Yes, lawd, he was!

Blind Fury Come Up

For those of you who’s parents had the parental controls on BET 15 years ago, let me catch you up to speed on Blind Fury and his come up. He was born blind and doctors didn’t even expect him to make it to his first birthday. Blind Fury had every reason in the world to use his condition as an excuse, but instead he used it as his fuel. He was convinced to try out for 106 and Park’s Freestyle Friday. Thank God. This dude won week…after week…after week….just TORCHING dudes with Power Bars! Check out one of his early performances!

Standout Bars

“Whatchu really wanna talk about that I’m ill, Boy I really get it poppin’ just like a pill, and I’m kinda big like Shaq…O’Neal.”

“Why they got me battling with John O?  Man we bout to call this boy John Doe.  You got that lil porter john flow. When ya people heard we was battling they was like “John NOOO!!”

Word of caution….when you see Blind Fury start to hit you with that sign language, that’s when you know you’re done. He’s casting a spell on that ass!

Blind Fury 2011 Freestyle Friday Championship

In April 2011, Blind Fury competed in a final rap battle. The winner would not only win bragging right as the 2011 Freestyle Friday Grand Champion, but he would also receive a $5,000 cash award. Check this shit out!!

Standout Bars:

“And Imma get it in the bag. I’mma give you the beating that ya daddy never had. And while we on the subject, he up there with the angels. Ya pops named you son, cuz he ain’t wanna claim you”

This cat’s face when Blind Fury spit that bar was fucking PRICELESS!!

Needless to say…Blind Fury ran away with that victory and never looked back! That begs the question though…where is this nostalgic freestyle icon now??

Still killin’ beats…THAT’S where he is!

Tomorrow is officially Blind Fury’s birthday! So big shout-out to him for continuing to beat the odds and making the most out of his opportunities. Sit tight because Volume 2 of Power Bars is gonna bring another freestyle legend to the forefront! Until then….let’s hope we get someone half as good as Blind Fury to call into FMF tonight.


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