Power Bars Volume 2: Jin Hit Harder Than Ray Rice In An Elevator

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Jin drops power bars on freestyle friday

Volume 1 of Power Bars really set the bar (see what I did there) for the heat this weekly blog will bring.  In Volume 2 of Power Bars we travel back to 2002 where Jin came onto the Freestyle Friday scene of 106 and Park.  What was most impressive about Power Bars on 106 was the rules in place.  No cursing. 1 round.  30 seconds.  3 judges.  You have ONE shot to get all your punchlines in and make your impression.  Imagine going from the streets…to performing on BET…to winning SEVEN FUCKING TIMES…then to sign a deal with Ruff Ryders and drop an album, chill with the President and make a movie with Luda and our boy Vin Diesel…yeah…Jin fuckin’ did that.

“First yellow skin kid to run up in the Basement!”

Watching Rap City just puts me in all the nostalgic feels, man! I don’t know where else you find anything more authentic than the booth of the basement in 2002.

Power Bars For Weeks

Check out 7 weeks of Power Bars from Jin crammed into this clip. Jin hit harder than Ray Rice in an elevator. Except Jin left with zero remorse for his actions. These poor “freestylers” didn’t stand a chance against Jin.

Bars Bars Bars Bars

Power Bars Highlights

2:00 Mark: “You got 6 victories.  I wonder if this will hurt.  The closest you’ll get to 7 is the number on ya shirt!  Yeah I’m Chinese.  Now you understand it.  I’m the reason that his little sister’s eye’s are slanted. If you make one joke about race or karate, NYPD be in Chinatown searching for ya body.”

5:25 Mark: You wanna say I’m Chinese, son, here’s a reminder. Check ya Tims.  They probably say Made In China. Don’t make me get on this champ and straight kill ya.  His name is Sterling, because all he rocks is silver.”

10:00: “You got guns, point em my way.  He’s so played out I thought he was the old school joint of the day. I got fans across the country.  Jin is who they feeling.  Last time he had a fan, it was spinning on the ceiling. I go online, and check my Hotmail.  He go on the internet looking for hot males.”

13:25- “Yo ask ya girl.  I was doing something in the house.  Matter of fact she had my eggroll and dumplings in her mouth.” 

15:55: “If the rap game is wack, everybody blaming you.  You from Brooklyn?  Then Biggie must be ashamed of you!”….I’m a player in the game. You cheering in the stands. Matter of fact during the Superbowl, he was cheering for the Rams.  You don’t even like football.  That’s a myth like unicorn.  He just likes seeing grown men in tight uniforms.

The Jin Journey

Jin’s journey has been a fucking WILD one, but I refuse to get into details that could downgrade his talent in any way, shape or form. Who else can say they are a Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame member that made Obama’s Top 8 Friends List on Myspace AND played a role in 2 Fast 2 Furious? Yeah…no one.

Power Bars Volume 2 Finale

Both Jin and Blind Fury collaborated on a cypher in 2018 when 106 aired for a special episode. Worth every second!

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