Holy Mayo Lord's Day Shirt (HU)


On the seventh day, we HOLD. This exclusive, limited, HTM gem will be on pre-order starting 07/07/2020 and will arrive in SpreadQuarters for shipment by 07/14/2020. All shirts come with mayo trinkets that will make you love the piss out of our mailing department. HTM presents the sacred Lord’s Day Shirt.


On the seventh day, we hold. The latest blessing in the mayo community is this sacred, ivory, pocket tee made with obsession in SpreadQuarters. At last, a shirt all holders united can wear on the Lord’s Day.

No, this shirt will not relieve ya personal issues, trials, and tribulations.

-Comfort Colors Pocket Tee

Slide through the other parts of the jar by clicking this mayo.

Lord’s Day Shirt, HOLD IT.