Pros and Cons of MLB’s plan for a July start

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On Monday, MLB owners approved a proposal that will have America’s Pastime back by early July. Some details of this proposal include:

  • An 82 game regular season
  • A universal designated hitter
  • No all-star game
  • Spring training to begin in June (Summer training?)
  • A 50-50 revenue split with the players
  • An expansion of playoff teams from 10 to 14
  • Geographical schedules (teams play only in-division opponents and interleague opponents in the same ares, such as NL vs AL central, etc.)

I love the idea, not only because we would have an actual sport to watch, but it makes the game a helluva lot more interesting. Not everyone will agree with me, but getting baseball back in the lives of American’s will at least give us a sense of normalcy. There are, however, pros and cons to the proposed July start. I think the pros outweigh the cons, but for the sake of argument, I’ll list out both sides of the aisle.


1) Each game means more

I think one thing we can all agree on that a 162 game regular season is fucking BRUTAL. Teams can go on an extended losing streak and still be on top of their division by five games. An 82 game schedule would mean that every game matters. Yankees-Red Sox games would be a whole lot more interesting when there are only 82 games. For the Covid-19 season, 82 games is perfect. If they were to adopt a shorter schedule full-time, it shouldn’t be 82 games. It should be more around 110. Plus, copying the NHL and NBA wouldn’t be a good look.

2) Elevated playoff drama

I LOVE the idea of adding a few more playoff teams. Although the Wild Card game is riveting, I hate the idea of a one and done game in the playoffs. Let it be at least two out of three. A seven team playoff would be interesting. I don’t know how they will exactly set, but hey, the more teams the better.

3) Getting rid of the stupid Designated Hitter divide

The thing that has bugged me the most about the MLB is why one league has a designated hitter slot and the other doesn’t. They should keep a rule like this around for when the league goes back to normal. It’s stupid, and for some reason it plays a huge part in the World Series. Either let the pitchers hit or pay a guy millions of dollars to literally just hit a baseball.


1) The Astros shame tour will be cut in half

The #1 thing I was looking forward to this season besides my St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series? The Astros shame tour. They were going to get absolutely berated by every opposing fan base, mascot, and even team. While spring training was happening before the pandemic, the Astros were already getting beamed pitches and harassed by fans. That was going to make this season so much more enjoyable. Those dirty cheaters should have had their title stripped. Rob Manfred is a coward, and 2020 Astros Shame Tour is definitely worth a follow.

2) They screwed the pooch with the universal Designated Hitter

Earlier, I said that getting rid of the divide between DH/no DH was a great idea, however, they chose the wrong side to implement. There shouldn’t be a universal DH, pitchers should have to bat every single game. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do! Yeah, they have to perfect the art that is pitching, but why shouldn’t they be allowed to go up and rake every game? I think getting rid of the DH in general will make the game better all the way around. Let the pitcher find their clutch genes when up to the plate. Also, who doesn’t love pitchers who rake?

3) The 50/50 revenue split will completely mess this whole thing up

This is it. It is will what doom baseball from beginning in July. No, it’s not Covid-19 scaring players to return. From what I’ve read, due to the financial losses from the pandemic is what is scary. Due to the uncapped salary MLB has, there has never been a straight revenue split in the history of the game. The MLBPA will probably reject that part of the proposal. C’mon guys, y’all already already millionaires anyways (Except for those minor league players who I even make more than). Just take a slight pay cut and let us fans get off to the crack of the bat.

Hold it.

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