Put Some Money In Ya Pocket With These UFC Vegas 22 Spreads

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UFC Apex, March 20th, 2021

Two things we can collectively look forward to this weekend with UFC Vegas 22 and the launch of March Madness 2021. Let’s set the table with UFC Vegas 22 first and pray mayo has time to publish something on March Madness. I’ve no doubt been looking at brackets and plan on wagering my balls off this month.

nobody cares, till they care.

UFC is usually every damn Saturday and it’s always my top priority when football season has concluded. Mayo feels the best about knuckle wagers at this time of the year.

Just know, I lock in every single last one of these picks personally and watch the fights from the second they start Saturday evening. One of my favorite times of the week is watching UFC on Saturday. Book it.

Holland has fought 11 times in last three years.

UFC Vegas 22

Last week for mayo made no sense at all. Ya had too much weird shit go down after weird shit went down the previous week. All these stoppages and no contests have been null and voiding wagers the last two weeks. Take a look for ya self in the previous two UFC Mayo Spreads blogs. (click here)

Vegas 22 Table

Ima throw five fights this week on the table and run with the bitches.

Lemme know if ya holding.

Middleweight Bout
(7)Derek Brunson vs. (10)Kevin Holland

Holland KO’s Souza

Brunson looked fantastic in his last match considering the amount of times he’s been KO’d and the fact that he’s just getting old approaching 40 rapidly. This matchup kind of sucks for him, but he could win with a punchers chance. Kevin Holland is young and primed to continue trending upwards. Not saying he’s a fucking lock to win this fight. Honestly don’t love the fact that he went to a decision with a very mediocre Darren Stewart. However, he just simply has the advantage with speed, reach, and craftiness in this fight. He can submit Brunson easily or send em to hell. He’ll tell ya all about it. His knockout against Souza was nothing short of fucking fantastic. Laying on his back he KO’d Souza while telling him he had a dream about the position.

Gimme Holland to win straight up.

Lightweight Bout
(15)Gregor Gillespie vs. Brad Riddell

The greatest fisherman in the world.

Proud member of City Kickboxing, Riddell and Adesanya def train together and if ya think that doesn’t matter ya nuts. Riddell has more upside as a slick pick right here. His opponent Gregor Gillespie hasn’t fought since getting knocked the fuck out by Kevin Lee in 2019. He’s ranked, but been fishin’ lately. Fuck it gimme the outdoor sportsman. Who cares about upside, let’s fish.

Gregor Gillespie to win straight up.

Welterweight Bout
Song Kenan vs. Max Griffin

This is another tough one to pick, but the output by Max Griffin should dictate this fight. Song Kenan has the power to land a strike that could KO Max, but overall this is a fight that Max Griffin should’ve had and won a while ago. That isn’t my favorite wager here though.

Take under 2 1/2 rounds +158

Heavyweight Bout
Tai Tuivasa vs. Harry Hunsucker

Mista Hunsucker is stepping into this fight to save it. Don’Tale Mayes was scheduled to fight Tuivasa, but pulled out for a reason nobody knows yet. Hunsucker is hard not to love. I mean fuck, his last name is Hunsucker and he’s a bomb droppin’ heavyweight. This should be a fucking slugfest. Hunsucker has yet to have a fight go outta the first round and recently fought in February defending his Hard Rock Heavyweight belt. Sent a big man straight to hell. However, idk man. Tai Tuivasa is a fucking tank and has had a full camp. I’m going with my heart on this one for several reasons. Hunsucker is going through a change within himself as he’s been through substance abuse, being broke, and hanging around some folks who were bringing him down. I like the story of prevailing with Harry “The Hurricane” Hunsucker as my upset for the night.

Harry Hunsucker to win.

Middleweight Bout
Trevin Giles vs. Roman Dolidze

Real simple here, Roman Dolidze is overlooked in this fight. The money is gonna slide towards the slight underdog in Trevin Giles, but I’m sticking with my gut on rolling with the undefeated Roman Dolidze.

Roman Dolidze to win.

Usman vs. Masvidal II

UFC is headed to Jacksonville to fill up an entire arena and run the Usman/Masvidal fight back. Ya gotta love to see Dana White making chest strong moves when everybody else is a bunch of fucking wussies.

I’ll be blogging all day on wagers. Follow mayo on the twitter burner until the blue birds decide to give me the original hold the mayo twitter back. I constantly tweet on fights come Saturday. If ya get into a fight or just get rocked in the fucking head by some imbecile? Call my friends at Domingue Law Firm and they gonna throw the final punch in court. Have ya feeling like a new man or woman again. Trust the process.


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